Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the good times roll, in case God doesn't show

Hello people... I have been real shit-a-rific at blogs these days.... sorry I suck. I just feel like I don't have anything to blog about these days and I haven't been as good at jokes either. And you know I live for comedy...

Hmmm... Well I am throwing a shower on Saturday for my friend Tiffles. I HEART her but HATE showers. I especially hate inviting 15 people and 10 not R S V P'ing. I thought that adults did that, buuuut I guess not. I just think that's rude but it will be fun... there are no games so it gets an A in my book for showers.
What else, what else... O! I finished another book. I read The Mermaid Chair by the same other of The Secret Life of Bees. It was really good! I for sure recommend it! I have now moved on to, Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. Ok , I am only 50 or so pages in but Holy hell, she is funny!! Totally crass, totally bitchy and there are lots of swears!!! You guys this book was made for me, because those three things are what I live for! I am not doing so good on my book a month diddy. The only way that that is going to happen is if I get a book that is 4" thick, has 10 pages, and something to feel on each page. So in other words, a book for a toddler who is being occupied at church.
I have been really working on my fitness lately. I have doubled the amount of classes I am doing. And to be honest, I am loving it!! I am in love with body combat, which is like a more up-beat kick boxing. I like to punch things...
SO even though this song is a few minutes old, I've been slightly over playing it in my car. I love it. The lyrics that I love the most is-
"let the good times roll, in case God doesn't show..."
I think this will be my new personal mantra. :)

Well, to be honest I can't come up with any more witty banter for you chippies... so have a great weekend and I will try to be better.... I need topics, so if you read this post me a topic