Friday, February 18, 2011

Little things....Small stuff

For the last year or so, I have been trying to appreciate the little things and not sweat the small stuff. It has brought me the realization that its the little things in life that matter the most. Little things are what get you through to the next 'big' thing. I think not sweating the small stuff has been the best lesson I've taught myself. i.e. Like hitting a red light on the way to work when I am already a few minutes behind or replaying certain conversations in my head, making sure I didn't say something dumb. What's done is done, I can't change the past, or in this instance, traffic. Those are just a couple of examples... which now that I am writing it, my mind draws a blank of better examples lol.....

That being said, I have been taking the pood's on more walks lately because we had a few days in a row of PERFECT weather!! As we were approaching my condo, I was admiring the beautiful sunset on the mountains, and right where I was looking was in between 2 huge pine tree's and you could see the full moon right in between them in a blue sky. I take for granted the amazing landscape Utah has. The mountains are literally on the other side of my condos. Not to bad of a picture for a smart phone....

Hope everyone has had a great February and I loving blogging again, So.... expect to see more of me! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


There are 4 things that stand out in my mind, when I think about meeting Miles for the first time. First, that he was the heir to Purina Dog Food... Second, that his big tattoo on his arm was his Jewish alter-ego, Third, neither one of those things were true and Fourth, that he was one of my very favorite people.
Over the last few years, Miles became a very close friend to Jeff and I. Truly, on of the best people that I ever met. He had a super witty sense of humor and such a contagious laugh. Never a dull moment hanging out, we all kind of fed off each other..usually ending in Miles doing a spot on impression of someone.
He had this way of making everyone feel important, and interested in you and things going on in your life. And not in a fake way at all.... He was so genuine, and really cared. Whether you were a close friend or the minimum wage worker at Jake's Over the Top, he took interest and cared.
It's been a week and a day since he passed away. I am still in shock, and I have so many emotions to sort through, between being devastated, angry, confused... Another close friend in the group encouraged us all to honor the memory of Miles by being all the things that made such a great guy. Being a amazing friend, compassionate, laugh ALOT, devoted, dependable, kind... I intend to honor him by trying to be a better person all the way around, and also to let the people in my life know how much they mean to me, and let the small stuff go, Because you never know when you will get a phone call that changes you forever.

Miles, you are missed terribly and I will always treasure our friendship, because Miles, your friendship makes me want to be a better person. You meant so much to so many people, and to say that Jeff and I are devastated is an understatement. You had become such a big part of our life, and for that, I feel very grateful. I am sure you've already picked out a good fishing spot up there, until we meet again my friend.... we will miss you everyday.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Anyone, Anyone???

Remember when I used to have stuff to say and actually blog? Oh yeah, me either. Well since I don't think I have blogged since May or June... here is a cliff notes of my life the last 10 months :

1- Mary Rose and Brent got married at the beginning of the summer and the next day baby brother Trey left for Africa. Happy and then sad... lots of laughs and LOTS of tears. Glad to have B in the fam, but I miss T

2- Nothing happened.

3- Then I turned 26, which was uneventful. No theme party this year, it kind of snuck up this year. OH OH OH, and Wireless internet for my laptop from Mama and Big... which I can't seem to get the hang of. Don't ask.

4- The end of July, beginning of August... Jeff, Mace, Mexican Jess, Celina Sue, Mark and I went to Cabo San Lucas. (AFTER ALMOSTA YEAR AND A HALF OF PLANNING) Had such a good, very needed vacation! I am ready to retire and just travel full time. Sans freaking cus
toms though.... hey border control, I am not smuggling a bomb, cocaine or a parrot into the country, speed it up fool.

5- Came back to work with a VERY, VERRYY full book of clients, New
and pre existing... which is awesome, and tiring! Kinda of like a class at the gym, with less sweating and more hair spray.

6- The Welch siblings went to Memphis to surprise Mama for her birthday. Which we TOTALLY pulled off, nice job Big keeping a secret. Had an absolute blast, hasn't been just the siblings (plus Val, + chippies) in such a long time. We are a fun group just in case you didn't know....PLUS the parents have a new house in TN with a pool. Sure once they are empty nester's, then they get a pool.

7- One of my close friends got married, whose wedding I was in. Wedding was beautiful, reception was a blast and she married a great guy! Love you Katie and Greg!!

8-I haven't cut my hair. Or dyed it back blonde....

9-The children, who run my life, Scoot and Troy are good. And as ADORABLE as ever. Their Halloween costumes are Troy=Blowfish, and Scoot=Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Oh, also... they are adorable.
10- I think all around, I am ok. Lots of Highs, with very few lows, which is nice, but if you know me then you know this time of year is a little hard for me. Almost 20 years has passed since I was sick, but around Halloween, I always have a moment. But with the past few months being so busy, who really has time to be down....

I will try to be better about blogging, if anyone even still reads this... if you do still read it, let me know lol....and I will be updating my beauty blog soon.... PROMISE, that was big thing and then I fell off. Apologies


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vote. Do it. Do it....

I entered into a contest through Smith's Grocery store to redesign their reuse-able grocery bags, and if you win you get $1000. I thought I did a pretty good job, but I need more then just my votes lol. So if you would help out by clicking on the link and voting for me, that would be awesome!! Let me know what you think of the bag!! It was very fun to do , give it a try your selfs... only after you have voted for mine :)
Also, you can once everyday I think!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's easy being green

So, as one of goals this year I decided I needed to start doing more to be more green. And on cont rare to what Mr. Kermit says, it's quite easy to be green. Ok that was incredibly lame but what the hell right?
I have been really good lately at saving all my paper, now I just needed to haul it all down to the paper recycling bin at Smith's. I've been trying to be better about not leaving lights on, and not letting the water just run when it's not necessary. Now, you guys are going to be totally impressed... ready... I made my own Windex/glass cleaner!!
Hey, I was quite proud of myself! I looked up how to make it and tweaked it to fit what I had. I used it, and to be honest it works fabulously!!! And smelled pretty descent. I feel like so good about myself!! Your welcome Earth!! :)

Here's my 'recipe':
(This is for one standard size glass cleaner bottle)
1/2 Cup of White Vinegar

1 tsp Lemon Juice
4 tsp Dish Washing Detergant

(Mine was Cascade Gel, lemon scent)
Fill the rest with water.

It said you could add food coloring to make it a color, but why? Also, I saw that some had rubbing alochol but I felt like that would leave streaks. Anyways, I was pretty proud of myself! Also, I decided that every other month-ish I am going to donate to charity. January was St. Jude's in Memphis!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glorified Henna

Well, I have a friend that does permanent make up...which is make up tattooed on, and after between 10-15 years (depending on the darkness of the color) it fades pretty much completely out.

This got my wheels turning in my head, because I have always wanted to a tattoo on the side of my wrist, but I know in 20 years, I will hate that S! So I quizzed my friend, and thought if she can tattoo a face, why not something else like a basic outline of a heart on a wrist??? She was on board for the idea! I mean hello, if she can tattoo someones freaking eye, she has a steady enough hand to tattoo a heart.

Its the perfect idea, why hasn't someone thought of this before?? Get a tattoo that fades totally out in a decade!! So I got to pick from her colors, which are limited to makeup colors...reds, pinks, oranges, browns and grays. Which is totally fine, so I picked a bright pink, red and orange. Totally cute you guys!!! The good thing about my profession, is that visible tattoos are totally fine. Not taboo at all. But on another note, they aren't that noticeable. They are on the side of my inside side of my wrist, about 1" long. Really tiny!

Anyways, I totally love it!! Thanks Tina!! We've found a new market, tat parties lol.
(The top heart was done a few days before the bottom two, so the bottom two are a little swollen still, and the ink is still slightly expanded)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What about us

One of the things I would like to do this year is be a better humanitarian. Ya know, not just say I care about the Earth and animals but actually do something about it. A found out a friend of mine volunteers at the Zoo, which I would love to do. If I can take it (emotionally), I would also love to volunteer at the animal shelter. I was pretty good about recycling last year but there is always room for improvement. I need to be better about the water I waste, and the electricity that I waste. I need to start finding things to do in the community also that I can do. I live in a beautiful place, and there are things that I can always to do preserve that.
As cliche as it sounds, we have this one planet and if we don't start to do something, our generation will not be able to enjoy it in a few decades like we should. I posted this video, because first off it's no news that I love MJ... but also say what you want about him, but at the end of the day he was a great humanitarian. Uh hello, Heal the World... we just need a few band-aids :) (That's for you sisters )

To get involved with Earth Day this year, here is the web site :