Monday, October 20, 2008

News flash....I suck at blogs

Listen people, I freaking finished the book. There is something to be said about not sleeping at night, which apparently is my new hobby. NOW if one person posts how long it took me to read this, I will punch you right in the mouth, thanks bye. I am not going to lie, I really loved the book, BUT I thought the ending was anti-climatic compared to the other books. I mean, the last time I wrote a book... whatever she kick's ass.
So these days I have become pretty profesh at the IPOD. And by profesh I mean, copying cd's onto it because I am not real sure how to pay for songs and download them. I suck at technology you guys, crap! Right now I am downloading Fergalicious, I feel like Fergie has a body I would like to aspire for. And by that, I mean hopefully I will listen to the song, be working out and turn into her.
You guys I suck at blogging. I have nothing to say.... ummmm, nobody gave me any ideas about for Halloween and Jeff and I are still costumeless. Not the pood's though...
Ok this blog sucks, bye.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who's your choice?

(Courtesy of my Mama)
A pictures worth a thousand words.....
At least you can't seem his orange chompers...
Just saying they make me throw up in my mouth a little bit..

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's cool, I am made of money

Well people, there is news on the Jaw front. Turns out I need botox. Yes, you read that correctly, Botox. Apparently I have uncontrollable muscle spasms in my jaw since surgery so that will freeze the muscle. Awesome, because I freaking love needles. Nothing apparently a little laughing gas wont cure, according to my surgeon. They give you a prescription that I get filled and then take to the office. Don't worry, I only look like a complete D Bag trying to fill it, because hello, it's botox. I checked the price to get it filled, and if my insurance doesn't cover that (which I doubt it will), it's $650. Is that all? Hey as my new 2nd job, I will be selling myself on 25th and Wall to pay for botox. I'm a loser....
Anywho.... what else. The poodles are pretty excited for Halloween. Scoot is going to be the Count from Sesame Street and Troy is going to be a police office, which as it turns out looks more like a bell boy on him. He is not help people, he is a cop. We are having a Halloween party which should be pretty fun. I don't know what to be....any ideas??
You guys... my life is so boring! I have nothing to say....
I started this new diet yesterday, called the 11 day diet. You get to pick 15 proteins and 15 fruits/vegetables and it makes you a specific menu. Its pretty hard and I am pretty hunger. A cheese enchilada sounds real good right now, but I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!!! I want bones that stick out and look like I need to eat a cheese burger.
Ok well... I am going because I am not that good at blogging tonight. Next time I will be better... I promise. I have an idea, if you read this post a comment about a topic for me!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh What?

Now... everyone has their opinions, but I REALLY hope the LDS church isn't asking people to donate money for this...
I think their are bigger things we need to worry about right now, like crashing economy... war and genocide.... up-coming elections and keeping D bags out of office... Britney Spears latest excursions. I mean we have BIGGER problems...
Whatever... Sorry but I don't agree with this.
(I found the link on

Here's the link :