Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are the World

Well since its not news that I heart M.J. I was jamming out to "We are the World" so I felt I should share it.
Hi Im a loser... its 12:50am and I am listening to We Are The World....I need a life. There are a few things I would like to point out in this video that I feel are notable :
1-Willie Nelson = pre VERY old age and too much pot
2-Cyndi Lauper = No explanation
3- Stevie Wonders =braided pony tail
4- Couple of Creepy Mustache guys
5-Bruce Spingsteen = Looks like he might being a #2 while singing, I don't know I'm just saying

All said and done, it's got a good message. And the message I got is, I'll never be as awesome as Cyndi Lauper, Or apparently Dan Akroyd... I think he sneaks in there somewhere...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

missed classes = no babies

I was on Facebook, ya know spying (ha) on peoples blog, which I heart doing and it occurred to me how different my life is to most people with in my age range. Now, don't misconstrue what I am saying here, because I love my life, I just find it interesting the place I am in life compared to some people I know. I was looking at some blogs of people I grew up with in TX, CO, and UT and like 90% of people have at least one child. Kids are great for some people, I am just not sure if I am one of those people.
I look at these peoples blogs and they look happy... don't get me wrong... but all I think of is being so strapped down and stressful. Do they look at mine and think my life is irresponsible or 'flighty' because I don't have that? It's interesting how people perceive each other is I guess my point. I talk about my job, which is something I passionately love doing, my incredible husband who each day amazes me with his vast knowledge and always trying to improve, my uh HELLO beyond cute pood's who keep my sane, (Guess that depends on your def. of sane is...). I talk about my trips that I worked hard to save for, and the craziness that is my crew of girls. And other totally random topics like Joe Jackson, Breast Cancer Awareness, nugs.... I just can't help but think that some of these people (if they even read mine) how irresponsible and shallow my life must be with out children.
We are entering in a weird time in our young mid adults years, after most people are married and or serious with someone, then hhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee come all the babies. don't get me wrong,..... I enjoy chippies, really but I also enjoy passing them along.
I was talking to my friend Nat about all the babies, and I feel like I am out of an exclusive club.
Club Crew chats have changed from Girls Night and what to wear.... to...How I have some vomit on my top and Chuck E Cheese. (Which I actually secretly looooovove)

I just missed the class on how to conjure up the emotions to feel maternal, ya know.
Never say never, It is what it is, and I will continue to love and support all 2345 in my life :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red = Bad Ass

Just in case anybody wasn't aware, I am married to a pretty bad ass guy. A couple of years ago, he came up with a form of treatment for therapy called Emotional Fitness Rehabilitation (EFR). It combines working out/fitness with mental health. It teaches you tools to help "intervene" with your mental health while working on your fitness, giving yourself ways to help work through your thought process. He has been toiling over this form of treatment for the past couple years. He had a few buddies that wanted to get involved with a pilot study for it, which Weber State funded thanks to a professor friend of Jeff's. We call him the old man... :)
Anyways, in the study they took the kids from YHA (a group home for juvi sex offenders) and brought them up to WSU gym where they were shown the exercises to do, and the tools to help with the mental health part of it. This study lasted for months, and it was very, VERY time consuming for them. Well the study is now over, and the results are in.
EFR is proven to work and be a productive from of therapy at 99%!! So where do they go from here... well a larger study will probably be picked up, and they will probably be published in a journal! And then the sky's the limit as far as ways to spread it around.
I am So incredibly proud of my husband. He is SO incredibly motivated and his brain is always on OVERDRIVE thinking of the next thing and/or how to make his current project better. He is truly amazing to me, I mean he pioneered this form of therapy and came up with all tools needed for to make it work between mental health and physical health. This whole undertaking of a project is literally his baby.
So kudos to my fabulous husband for pursuing his dreams and never settling for mediocre.

PS - I Have all my Christmas decor up and it looks FABULOUS!