Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are the World

Well since its not news that I heart M.J. I was jamming out to "We are the World" so I felt I should share it.
Hi Im a loser... its 12:50am and I am listening to We Are The World....I need a life. There are a few things I would like to point out in this video that I feel are notable :
1-Willie Nelson = pre VERY old age and too much pot
2-Cyndi Lauper = No explanation
3- Stevie Wonders =braided pony tail
4- Couple of Creepy Mustache guys
5-Bruce Spingsteen = Looks like he might being a #2 while singing, I don't know I'm just saying

All said and done, it's got a good message. And the message I got is, I'll never be as awesome as Cyndi Lauper, Or apparently Dan Akroyd... I think he sneaks in there somewhere...

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mamasteph said...

It's letting me comment now! So just to repeat what I messaged you earlier....
1. ditto to everything you said! I hardly recognized Willie!
2. Kenny Rogers...there's just something about him! ;)
3. I missed Dan Akroyd! I guess I'll have to watch it again!
4. The kids were totally rockin out to the song, so we don't need to worry that MJ's music will ever be forgotton! :)