Monday, March 23, 2009

6 feet.... really?

Ok... where to start... Well, for those of you that don't know, a few weeks ago I had a scare that in turn landed me in Urgent Care... then a doctors office upstairs in Urgent Care....then a specialist... then a colonoscopy today. They needed to see if I had colon cancer.... WHICH I DON'T!!! I could not be more happy today!! Now that I am in the clear, I thought where else would be a better place to share my horrific experiences then on my blog... Perfect. This has been a very uncomfortable, and now that it is over... at some point humorous event. ** Viewer discretion advised**

Now... let's first start with the most humiliating experience of my life, the doctors office. Ya know.... I wont go into details with anything but by the time I left, I had fished through the toilet for a stool sample, carried the bowl with sample back through the office in an open bowl, figured out I didn't put the sample in the right thing, felt like a complete jack ass, had a complete stranger violate me, and cried so much while giving blood that I made the nurse cry. Mortifying... and only now can I laugh at myself not getting the sample thing right.
Next, a week later... I have to go to a specialist. Hmmmm.... not a to bad experience... I guess for discussing with a complete stranger my B.M. tendencies. I had to meet with a very small older man, wearing ugly black nurse shoes who was the office P.A. He actually was very nice... all things considered. But in the end... said what I was dreading... Colonoscopy. Really... because I am 24! SHIT! (no pun intended there)
2 weeks go by.... they call me with my time and tell me I can go pick up my prep kit at the pharmacy. So Sunday, I drank nothing but clear liquids and had Popsicles. What a lovely diet. Only to in turn be in the bathroom for a better part of a few hours. You guys, I am just saying... If you saw Sex and the City the movie... I almost had a few Charlotte moment... yikes.
The day comes.... now by this point, I am seriously dragging ass. No food for 36 hours... pretty much bare minimum sleep for the past three weeks stewing about this event. I was anxious to know results and scared for the worst. Cancer. I know that all the odds were in my favor but in the back of my mind... I was so scared that I am not sure how I functioned the last 3 weeks. Poor Jeff... He has been so wonderful to put up with me being an emotional roller coaster these past weeks. So, we go check in at the G I Lab, this was going to take me longer then most because I am having gas anesthesia because I don't do needles... and for colonoscopy's they usually just do a sedation thingy, but oh no, not for me. Don't worry EVERYONE in the waiting room was 60+, and either wearing not cute flannel, had a mullet or I am pretty sure not all there. And of course I am already crying because lets be honest... I am a freaking basket case when it comes to anything medical. Yeah I am a total ass. So, they take me back and the nurse explains to me they will be sticking 6 FEET OF SCOPE up through my intestines. Yeah, Hi... 6 feet.... that is a person, so I start to ball. The poor nurse... she gives me hospital get up to change into and closes the door aaaannnnnnddd again start the water works. I put it on and I know that shit is on size fits all, but apparently OSFA is for 400 pounders. Had to hold my pants up and my top together. The socks were very comfortable. Yeah I brought those babies home. Anyways, we open the door and a nurse walks by and see's I a mess so she comes in and gives me a hug and some warm blankets. She is talking to me about the procedure and everything, I ask how often they do gas anesthesia for people and they lady tells me..."Well, we have had a few people have it so your not the first. It's usually people that are mentally handicapped that don't understand IV's." Jeff and I busted up laughing, which at this point I really needed. So I said Oh great I am lumped now into the mental disorder category. That girl was back tracking like you wouldn't believe... I wasn't insulted though. I know she wasn't saying that about me. It was pretty funny. SO Jeff and I part ways and they take me back to the room. Turns out one of the RN's is a girl I knew from Pleasant View. Oh good, somebody I know will be in there while a complete stranger sticks a camera in my ass... charming. Then the doctor came in. Now, I have never met this man before because when I went to their office before I met with the PA. Apparently in the GI lab they are pretty casual because he wasn't in scrubs. Dude comes in straight up in a flannel and jeans with this lumber jack beard. Real professional, looks like he is missing a hard hat and a chain saw, on his way to do some loggin'. With no scrubs on, he then proceeds to put on a white apron to do the scope... looking like a straight up butcher now about to cut up some meat and that's when the gas which was strawberry scent puts me out. And that's it. I wake up and they tell me no cancer and that everything is alright.

I could not be happier! The past few weeks I have been a mess... I was preparing myself for the worst.. which in turn was making me crazy. Thank you to all my family and friends for being so supportive and amazing to me through all of this. This will be an experience that I wont soon be forgetting. Hopefully the blog wasn't to scary for anyone haha. Moral of the story... I still hate anything medical, and colonoscopy's = 0% fun.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You say I'm crazy... I got your crazy

I love the Britney's song Circus! She is awesome and I don't care if you judge because she is and everyone has a favorite Britney song. This is one of mine :

Vegas has come and gone... well at least for 6 more weeks haha. I'm in demand people! We went to a couple of shows and walked down Fremont Street (Old Strip) which I had never done. We didn't get to walk all of it but it was pretty cool. I got a pretty sweet poker visor that says Las Vegas! All I am missing with that hat is a fanny pack, high ponytail, some crocs and a yard stick drink! haha We went to this restaurant at the Excalibur called Dick's. It is hilarious, the waiters are rude on purpose, make you these offensive hats, yell at you from across the resturant and if you play along its really fun. They made me a hat that said "Blonde is Fake, Slut is real" HAHA, rude... but funny! I posted some pictures for your viewing pleasure... I look awesome in all of them :)

Also my fabulous sister Steph as started a new blog about Frugal Finds. You guys she a sale shopping wizard! She always finds the best stuff, I added her like on the side so check it out. She finds stuff daily!

Anyways, I am gonna go to bed because I am bored with this! BYE!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's late and a list seemed like a good idea :)

I can't believe that Bubba has been gone a year.... that went by fast!! I miss him so much!! This next year better fly by! He is such an amazing guy and has really been a big brother to me and a great friend! But I know he is doing something that he loves and that is important him so I guess I'll shut up. Well at least about that... :)

Well people, on Saturday morning I will be making my tri-annual homage to Vegas. I am pretty excited.... I actually stopped typing to dream about nudey men shows, the chimes of slot machines, and the "fresh" Vegas air!

So, on facebook I made a list of random things about myself, I kinda have fun making a list so I am going to do another because well, I can't sleep people and I have nothing to do and the pood's don't want to whatever I'm lame I know.

*Marshmallows have recently become a favorite snack of mine... and the pood's
*I am notorious for buying clothes on sale and never wearing them... ever.
*If I had bigger balls, I would love to get a sleeve tattoo.
*I hate when people don't say bye on the phone and just hang up
*I don't think it's fair that some people never have to exercise or diet and have kick ass bodies. I actually hate people like that ha
*I am always playing with my hair... always checking for 1 of 234545 split ends
*I love summer and ride with the windows down
*I love to do the classes at Golds Gym, I do 3 a week with Jess, Katie and Celina
*I feel it is unfair the way people treat me and the things they feel like the can say to me when they find out I don't want kids... I actually had people say the following things to me :
-That's the saddest thing I have ever heard! (- Really? No...really?)
-What are you going to do when you get old? (- Are kids a retirement plan?)
-How do you think that makes people feel that want kids? (-I can't control that or their feelings, I'm not being malicious)
-How is that fair for your family? (-Uh What?)
-Isn't that a little selfish? (-Actually, I think its the exact opposite)

*Sometimes I get off on tangents... ha
*I actually enjoy math... not like X+Y>Z(a-b), like everyday math, book keeping stuff
*My 2 "big" little brothers are the greatest guys in the world
*My sisters and I are all very different but fabulous in each of our own ways and each a best friend of mine
*I like to swear... and I don't care what people think
*Private blogs I think are a joke... your not Jennifer Aniston!
*I have a weird fashion sense, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing
*I heart history
*People are intimidated by me... not sure why
*Just because a relative sends you a friend request doesn't mean I have to accept. GET THE HINT ALREADY!
*People that don't use professional hair products, make me nervous
*I am opinionated, and I am not afraid to express my thoughts.
*Scoot and Troy filled holes in my heart that I didn't think could be filled
*I have the worlds greatest friends. They look out for me, because I tend to put others needs before my own
*I like to give people gifts
*Jeff makes me laugh on a daily basis... he is my world and I feel so lucky to have found someone to love me unconditionally and my family.
*I love when there is a reason to party or celebrate!!
*I'm kind of a big deal :)

WOW this list was way longer then I thought it would be... oops haha. Anyways, hope this didn't bore anyone... I need some better material. geeeeez. I like to know who reads my blogs so comment away :)