Thursday, March 12, 2009

You say I'm crazy... I got your crazy

I love the Britney's song Circus! She is awesome and I don't care if you judge because she is and everyone has a favorite Britney song. This is one of mine :

Vegas has come and gone... well at least for 6 more weeks haha. I'm in demand people! We went to a couple of shows and walked down Fremont Street (Old Strip) which I had never done. We didn't get to walk all of it but it was pretty cool. I got a pretty sweet poker visor that says Las Vegas! All I am missing with that hat is a fanny pack, high ponytail, some crocs and a yard stick drink! haha We went to this restaurant at the Excalibur called Dick's. It is hilarious, the waiters are rude on purpose, make you these offensive hats, yell at you from across the resturant and if you play along its really fun. They made me a hat that said "Blonde is Fake, Slut is real" HAHA, rude... but funny! I posted some pictures for your viewing pleasure... I look awesome in all of them :)

Also my fabulous sister Steph as started a new blog about Frugal Finds. You guys she a sale shopping wizard! She always finds the best stuff, I added her like on the side so check it out. She finds stuff daily!

Anyways, I am gonna go to bed because I am bored with this! BYE!


The Brady Bunch said...

Jessica told me you guys had a blast. SO SAD I couldn't come-maybe next time. I LOVE YOUR VISORS!!!

Christie said...

dude, I have been waiting to see pics of your trip! How fun. While you were off playing in Vegas, I gots the cold happening. Life is fantastic, I will have to catch you up on everything. Good stuff, people, good stuff. Love you lots!

mamasteph said...

Thanks for the plug sister! Glad you had fun in Vegas! Love ya!

Trey said...

that dicks place sounds like the shiz

TheKillerJ said...

I dunno about that B.O. shirt, but the visor is hot!