Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Widowing it up in the Wendover

Not to much has been going on... so I haven't been blogging much. However, The Crew and I (Christie, Mexican Jessica, Celina, Cellen, Casey, Farrah and I) went up to Wendover for Deer Widows. We had an absolute blast! I got sick when we first got there, from Wendy's. I think I either got a bad piece of chicken or my body isn't used to the grease in fast food. So I threw up a few times...which felt awesome on the old jaw... but after sipping on some water and Sierra Mist, curtsy of Ms. Celina, I felt loads better.
Here are some pictures that I stole from Fare's facebook page. I am just saying, we looked fabulous!
I have been cleaning out the basement the last couple weeks.... ooo lord, what I chore that is. I really did not think that through. Turns out we have A LOT of shit! And also.. a lot of spiders down there. Nice, real nice. I am trying to clear out one side so when we have our annual Halloween party this Saturday, I want people to be able to go down stairs to hang out. I still don't have a costume (boo) but Jeff however is going to be... a ... redneck. Awesome. Any ideas for me????
Well I am going to attempt to go to bed. And by attempt I mean play Monopoly on my phone because this blog is Borrrriiinng.