Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sudafed is crap... but Chet is not

Yes Hi Hello.. don't be alarmed I changed my layout. Thanks for noticing.

I just got done watching The Real World : Brooklyn. I haven't watched in a few seasons but I am totally sucked into this season! There are two people from Salt Lake on there. One of them is named Chet. He is a LDS kid who I am like 100% certain he is gay but whatever to each their own. He is totally fabulous . I love how on this last episode he used the phrases like eternal companion and french kissing. Ohhhh Brother... he's silly. I am also obsessed with Rock of Love 3. I like to watch it because it makes me feel better about myself. Nothing like watching some 'tired' dames with knockers the size of a soccer ball. Plastic surgery has come a long, classy way you guys. Pure CLASS!

I am pretty professional at being sick these days as well. I have had a head cold for a few days so I went and got some of the "meth makin" kind of Sudafed. I thought that maybe if I got the kind that you had to go up to the pharmacy for, that it would kick my crap quicker... turns out no. AND you have to freaking fill out paper work that they submit to the government to see who's buying I guess. WHAT A JOKE! And listen I know that I have done my share of judging and all, but the lady looked at me like a I was a felon. NEVER. AGAIN.!.

I would also like to clarify something for my DARLING 'little' brother... I didn't mean that the Obama's love for each other was going to save the nation.... GEEK! I was just pointing out that it was cute.

Sundance has come and gone again and I still have never been. For how much I love celebrities I know you all find this hard to believe. When Trey was here he got to meet Chet from the Real World! He is totally like F list celebrity and I would have loved to have been there! DAMN IT!! Also on Dlisted and Perez lately they keep talking about Lady GaGa... who in the French is she? And why does she wear leotards and plastic tops? She looks like a 4 cent Spice Girl, who just got off dancing at Northern Exposure for heroin to shot up between her toes.

I am currently watching old episodes of FRIENDS. It's the one where Phoebe and Rachel get tattoos. I love when she says:
Phoebe - Do you know that they do this with needles?
Rachel - Ya don't say, because mine was licked on by kittens!
Haha I don't know why but I find it funny. Someone should invent a way for that to be possible. Everyone loves kittens... However I think PETA would have an opinion about that. I love tattoos... I really need to stop being all talk and get my other ones. I just need to grow a pair and find a money tree to pay for it, and I'll be set...

Ok that's all bye here's a picture of the pood's from tonight. (I haven't posted one in a while)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The dawning of a very fabulous new era...

Wow... yesterday was such an amazing day. The inauguration was truly moving. I only got to watch part of it live and dvr'd the rest. I think I cried at least a hand full of times. I thought his speech was incredibly moving, genuine and a breath of MUCH NEEDED fresh air. Besides the fact that I adore our new president, it was such an amazing thing to truly watch history in the making. I mean I know that every inauguration is history but to see how far the humanity of the American population has come in the last 60 years is a very moving thing. I know there are hundreds of images to choose from for this historic day, but I really loved this one. They look so in love and really soaking up the moment. What an amazing new president and first lady this country is blessed with. I'd love to know what every one thought... feel free to comment on what you thought.
That being said, I did have a cake made at Smith's saying "Thank God Bush is out of there!" :) I'm sassy and kinda a bitch... what do ya do?! HAHA

Anyways... tomorrow morning I get the pleasure of accompanying Mexican Jessica to get braces. She is very nervous and I'm not gonna lie, I don't blame her. Ha, funny thing happened last week... I was telling a story to Jeff's cousin Jodie and referred to Mexican Jessica. And she proceeds to ask me if I call her that to her face. Haha, just so people know I am not saying that to be rude or offensive.. It's true, she's a halfsies Mexicana. I have too many friends named Jessica so that's just how I refer to her :) She loves it and I love her and the fact that she is Mexican HAHAHA. I really am not being offensive, you would have to know our relationship, she is one of my best friends... really.
What else... what else... I'm pretty boring y'all. I painted my toenails tonight and made my big toes argyle. (I hope that's the right spelling) They are pretty professional, I did a Real GOOD job. Jeff was quite impressed. I would take a picture but it's dead and I don't feel like getting the batteries. Shut up I'm lazy... get over it.

I also have one more resolution for this year. I am hoping to try and read about a book a month... I figure it's taken me about 3 months to get a little more then half way through Marley and Me.... so at that rate I should read 12 by, I don't know 2015 and that is way past the end of the world. So totally doable right? :) Hey at least I am trying to read more which makes Jeff and my Mama happy. I think they thought maybe I couldn't read or something. (Kidding Mama, only kidding) PS I have already balled in Marley and Me like 3 times, and I have a feeling I will at least that much more.

Also, Jeff and my friend Celina have blogs... clicks it and checks it out...

OK I've had enough. Peace out.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Its been a while... hope you didn't forget about me...

Sorry I am 100% bad a blogging these days... I just feel like I have nothing to say. My life is real REAL boring!
Hmmmm, what can I talk about... O, the holidays were good. It was fabulous to see the family... I miss them so much. New Years was good, we went to the Macaroni Grill and the Huka for Cellen's birthday/New Years. You guys, I had a bitching time! I wore my new dress from Express. I am just saying I look pretty great, I mean really a real 10. Haha *Eye roll*
For the New Years I guess I should post my resolutions :
1- To not swear as much... While this may make the Biggie's heart happy, I feel like I will need to work on my humor/personality because I think that is part of my charm. No guarantee's on this folks.
2- Judging people right off the bat. Now there are just somethings that I can't help but judge, I will try to be better not to. I mean if someone is obsessed with Star Wars, Nascar or looks like 'Lewis' from ghostbusters... I mean I just wont be able to help it, SORRY!
3-Lose weight... BLAH BLAH BLAH. I feel as though my fitness is not anywhere near what I would like it to be... I may need to start incorporating meat more into my diet because it is kinda hard to diet meatless. Tear for animals and their cute mugs!
4- Start doing things instead of just talking about. Like volunteering, donating what I can, being a better world citizen. I have been recycling more, and I am pretty proud of myself.

This blog is getting too serious....

Now that that boring S is out of the way... I have 2 Vegas trips already planned. Mama and Biggie, you can stop rolling your eyes, Next to Jeff and the poodles... Vegas falls somewhere close :) I am pretty professional on going to Vegas. I short start a service, like people can pay me to go on vacation and show them a good time in Vegas. Wait... wait... I think that is called prostitution and pretty sure it's illegal. Shoooooot.
Ok, question.... I don't know what to do with cards. Like we got a bunch for Christmas and I feel guilty or something throwing them away. Amy at the salon had a good idea of putting the picture ones into an album. I got a Christmas card from 1 cousin. I think it was nice that I have a cousin that thought to send me one, not being sarcastic either, I really appreciated it. I know I am not the best relative, but until I got 'involved' with Jeff's family I didn't realize that you could have an actual relationship with cousins and extended family. That sounds totally stupid to most people but since I didn't grow up around them and I don't have kids, I haven't been that close to them. Which I need to be better about I think. I guess I just feel self conscience about it because, well I don't know why. I don't know who reads this but if you do, Thanks Holly for the card.
I want people to comment more, I want to know who reads this thingy. Jess PS I still need you to teach me how to get that tracking guy for blogs.
My little brother comes tomorrow and I pretty much excited! He is hilarious, he's got some good jokes. I have taught him well. He is bringing an entourage... apparently he is kind of a big deal, GEEZ! I am such a good sister, I bought him a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper and his own milk... one that I have not drank out of :) Shut up we do that here.
I also finally took down my decorations from Christmas. I hated to do it because A-its a pain in the ass and...
B- I love Christmas lights.
I am going to start a religion where you keep Christmas lights up year round. You also have to worship Walt Disney, Jon Bon Jovi, and Edward Cullen. It's ok to swear, have absurd amounts of tattoo's and wear you pajamas to church meetings. Your birthday is a bigger deal then Easter or Christmas and take a yearly homage to Las Vegas. Things that will keep you out : If I don't like you, you wear scrunchies, scrunched down socks, flannel and bad teeth or hair. Hmmm, I think I might just start this up, I am the new L.Ron Hubbard and this religion is the new Scientology, but less ridiculous and a lot less creepy and more fun!
I think I am done for the night but I will leave you with some sweet tunes for the rest of your week (Pretty much love this song) :