Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sudafed is crap... but Chet is not

Yes Hi Hello.. don't be alarmed I changed my layout. Thanks for noticing.

I just got done watching The Real World : Brooklyn. I haven't watched in a few seasons but I am totally sucked into this season! There are two people from Salt Lake on there. One of them is named Chet. He is a LDS kid who I am like 100% certain he is gay but whatever to each their own. He is totally fabulous . I love how on this last episode he used the phrases like eternal companion and french kissing. Ohhhh Brother... he's silly. I am also obsessed with Rock of Love 3. I like to watch it because it makes me feel better about myself. Nothing like watching some 'tired' dames with knockers the size of a soccer ball. Plastic surgery has come a long, classy way you guys. Pure CLASS!

I am pretty professional at being sick these days as well. I have had a head cold for a few days so I went and got some of the "meth makin" kind of Sudafed. I thought that maybe if I got the kind that you had to go up to the pharmacy for, that it would kick my crap quicker... turns out no. AND you have to freaking fill out paper work that they submit to the government to see who's buying I guess. WHAT A JOKE! And listen I know that I have done my share of judging and all, but the lady looked at me like a I was a felon. NEVER. AGAIN.!.

I would also like to clarify something for my DARLING 'little' brother... I didn't mean that the Obama's love for each other was going to save the nation.... GEEK! I was just pointing out that it was cute.

Sundance has come and gone again and I still have never been. For how much I love celebrities I know you all find this hard to believe. When Trey was here he got to meet Chet from the Real World! He is totally like F list celebrity and I would have loved to have been there! DAMN IT!! Also on Dlisted and Perez lately they keep talking about Lady GaGa... who in the French is she? And why does she wear leotards and plastic tops? She looks like a 4 cent Spice Girl, who just got off dancing at Northern Exposure for heroin to shot up between her toes.

I am currently watching old episodes of FRIENDS. It's the one where Phoebe and Rachel get tattoos. I love when she says:
Phoebe - Do you know that they do this with needles?
Rachel - Ya don't say, because mine was licked on by kittens!
Haha I don't know why but I find it funny. Someone should invent a way for that to be possible. Everyone loves kittens... However I think PETA would have an opinion about that. I love tattoos... I really need to stop being all talk and get my other ones. I just need to grow a pair and find a money tree to pay for it, and I'll be set...

Ok that's all bye here's a picture of the pood's from tonight. (I haven't posted one in a while)


TheKillerJ said...

You are always so sick! And by sick, I mean this:

I love you, sicky.

Katie said...

Katch a few things-
I also adore Chet.
I love FRIENDS as well and did you hear that PETA wants people to start referring to fish as sea kittens because they think it will make people want to eat them less because people won't eat kittens (wierd).
Also I have the Lasy Gaga cd. It's pretty good I'm not gonna lie. You can borrow it if you want.

Trey said...

Chet is not gay, he's super metro. Thanks for clarifying your view of Obama. And how do you get the poodles to pose so well? vesigoi

mamasteph said...

Do you watch "The Soup". If not, you should. Joel McHale LOVES chet! I also have never made it to Sundance--someday, hopefully! Val would be so proud at your quoting "Friends"! Sea kittens? That is just super wierd! I hope you are feeling better! Miss ya sis!

Celina said...

Dude, chet is adorable, and I love that he has not yet touched a boob. Also FYI-Only classy dames take shots of tequila out of the vag of another woman. Rock of Love is a hot mess.

M {3 said...

I love your new peace signs. "Give peace a chance". When you find the place where tattoos are licked on by kittens, go for it! ;)

Janalu said...

Oh Chetters is such a metro, a gay metro. I bet he thinks boobs feel like "a bag of sand"! Haha! I also love this season. I also like the tattoo girl, cause she's all different and breaks the rules, but yet still has a heart and all that crap.

Julie said...

Love you! But Lady GaGa is rad, i don't care what you say! :)