Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joe Jackson = Dorian

SO we all know that my brain works on a very weird level... Well the other day I was thinking about much of a creepster Joe Jackson was at the VMA's and then it hit me... Joe Jackson was the villain Dorian in the Mask.... All they did was paint his mug green because look here, the resemblance is Riidiiiiicuuuuullllouuusss !!Now I went with an older, more glamorous picture of old Joe boy, I mean he even has some sweet jerry curls all greased up. He hasn't always been a money hungry creeper you guys, he once beat kids too!!! And I feel like his necklace that you can't see the bottom of in the picture, probably was gold and a scaled down version of Africa. You never see Joey boy without his Gold Medallions, you know he showers with that S on. I'm being rude... I am sure he is a lovely gent. ....On some level.... I might be the same as Howard K. Stern to Anna Nicole Smith, but on some twisted level, I am sure he's fabulous.

I was also reading Dlisted today, and he totally made the un-canny connection with the LaToya and her long lost twin...Listen... I am just saying, it's true. THANKS DLISTED for finally making that connection!!!

I love the Jacksons but holy hell, why do they all look like make-believe characters? WHY!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turns out blue is a perfect color for Voo Doo Dolls

Well, I haven't blogged in a minute and I can't sleep so I decided it was time. Not a whole lot has been going on with me that is exciting. I freaking can't believe its already more then half way through September and the weather is changing.... Uh hi, I went outside this morning to let out the dogs and I could see my breath. Ok I totally just lied right then but, HELLO I hate the cold. BOOO. I guess the good thing is that this means that the holidays will be here before we know it. And I do quite enjoy me some holiday festivites. Really any reason to party, socialize and get all dressed up is good in my book.
So I was doing some blog stocking of people that I know, then found links on their's to other peoples blogs and so on and so on...(Most people wouldn't admit they do this but, whatever everybody does...)and so I was reading through them and it occuried to me... my blog is TOTALLY differnt, as far as what I blog about goes. People are posting about their kids, their activites via it be school or church and their spouses. Now me... I have to be different... always different. I freaking blog about Vegas, Poodles, Midgets and controversial things that I probably have my Dad shocking his head. I feel like maybe I missed a blogging class and I am some random terrets case that blogs about random shit. Oh well I guess... if I wasn't being shocking or shouting swears, people wouldn't know how to handle me... Also, it was kinda fun to see a few new people have commented on my blog that I didn't know read it. Watch out people, I am getting real popular.
Today at the salon I had a refferal client who's hair I was doing for the very first time. Well, we all know that I am awesome, not just at life but hair also... and I could tell she was a little nervous when she first came in, which I totally get. I mean it is nerve wrecking to be new in town, go to someone brand new for hair... I mean I KNOW I am fabulous, all I had to do was prove myself. Well as usual, I rocked and she told me that this was the best hair color she has ever had in her entire life (she's probably about 50). So that was a nice ego boost for me. Speaking of hair, I am just putting this out their for people interested... During the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am running a couple of specials:
1st ~ Anyone getting a haircut for LOCKS OF LOVE, I am giving them 50% off their haircut, making it about $10.
and 2nd ~ If you add PINK to your color service (even if its one strand) I will give you 25% off your color.

I wanted to do this last year but for some reason I spaced it completely (Shocking right). So anybody interested... let me know.
Hmmm, what else what else... O!!! I almost forgot!!! My fabulous friend Katie got me the BEST GIFT EVER in New Orleans. A freaking Voo Doo Doll!!! Listen, I haven't been so excited about a doll in a couple of decades!!! And I am so not kidding! It came with a needle to poke it with and everything!!! It has wild blue hair and is awesome, If I knew where my damn camera was I would take a picture. I have big plans for this doll, BIG PLANS! So I am just saying watch out... things are about to get real, real interesting. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2 Weeks to the day...

I still can't believe it...

... 2 weeks to the day, I was sitting next to my fragile, and dying Grandpa. I got a call from my Grandma that my Grandpa had taken a turn for the worst and was dying. After talking to my cousin Mechelle, we conceded that it was best for me to go up to my Aunt Robin's house, where they have been living for a little while. I feel really blessed that I was able to my last good byes to him, he didn't say much because he wasn't really able to talk very well, but when I looked into his pain filled eyes I knew that he knew how much he meant to me. Jeff, Trey and I stayed there a long time, I think I left about 1. Even though it was the last time I saw him, I will always keep with me happier and healthier times and all the smiles, hugs, and talks we shared. That was the hardest thing for me to do this far in my life... to get up from the bed next to him and know that, when I left....he would be gone. The last thing I said to him was.. I loved him, and how amazing of a man he was and if he needed to go that we would be ok and that we understand that it was his time.

Two days later... he passed away.
As I sit here balling like the emotional basket case I am (which PS is from my Grandpa... we're BIG TIME criers...) I remember the good times.. Here are just a few memories that pop out at me :
*When we lived in Denver, my Grandparents and some cousins came out to visit. One afternoon he was reading the paper at the table, where my cousin was sitting with him... and I over hear my Grandpa say to Ryan..."hey Ryan, there is a concert in here for the Bare Naked Ladies, we should go to that!"... My cousin replies to him, "Grandpa... they're a band, they aren't naked and they are men.."
*2 years ago, he had taken a turn for the worst and all the family was asked to come to the nursing home he was staying at (For a surgery I believe), we all spent the night hanging out there, even had our family Christmas Party there that night in their dining area. There was just a couple people in his room at one point during the Christmas gathering, including Mary and I and he started talking about his favorite song, which happened to be the one they danced to at his wedding. And through all his pain and suffering he began to sing to us... it was just a few moments, but it was an incredibly moving moment. He loved to sing and was a wonderful singer...
*In high school, I went up one afternoon to their home to visit and after I visited with my Grandma, she told me to go say hi to my Grandpa, who was in the basement. He was always in the basement working on one of his MANY projects. This particular day he had cut out a bunch of wood to make tigers and was painting them. He was an incredible painter and artist...truly amazing. So I went down their to find him painting away, listening to the an AM radio station with songs from the 30's and 40's and he told me to get a chair, and he and I painted Tigers. Not a lot was said, we didn't need to, we were enjoying each others company. I don't know why this memory was so significant to me, but it was nice to be doing something he loved, together.
*In Good old Marshall, MN.. they do things weird. At their High School graduation's they ask you to keep all applause and cheering to the very end, which isn't weird but the fact that EVERYONE listens and doesn't make a peep, is weird. Now seriously... like you could hear a pin drop. Its real, real weird. Well, when Mary Rose graduated my Grandpa and I thought that was crap, so in the dead silence of an ALL TO SERIOUS high school graduation.. they call her name and Grandpa and I jumped up and cheered... it was awesome and yes people shook their heads... We didn't care.

His services were wonderful, and it was nice to be able to connect with my immediate and extended family and spend time with my amazing Grandma. She is handling everything so well.. the day of the funeral I saw her that morning for the first time since he passed and she told me that she felt like she was the one that died.... Her and I shared some tears and she completed it with "He really was an amazing man.." He really was.
Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and caring during all of this. I feel so grateful to have an amazing family and incredible friends. A few of my best friends came out to the viewing and the funeral.. I tried to tell them it was ok, but they really wanted to show their support...even though 2 of them had never met my Grandpa. So thank you guys for being so great, and out of the goodness of your hearts, attending. I don't know how I obtained such fabulous friends! Also, thanks to Jeff's family who all came to the viewing and then to the funeral... They are so great to me and so supportive to not only me, but my family as well, I feel very fortunate to have married into that family. And to my family immediate, and extended... it was nice to all be there and remember him as a family, because to my Grandpa, family was everything. I love you all... and thanks for putting up with a serious blog, ......... doesn't happen to often.

PS I am posting some pictures my sister Steph took at the grave site, there is a really good one of a Vet playing to TAPS since he is a veteran, a sweet one of Aleece watching the grave dedication and one of my sweet, loving Grandma...
PPS... to my cousins that tell me they "blog stalk" me... you can comment ya know :)