Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yes Hi Hello, I am still Alive

Hello people. Listen, this month has been a little hectic, Sorry for not posting more. I am usually pretty professional at blogging.
Well...lets see... O o, Jeff and I went and saw The Dark Knight on Pioneer's Day. It was AWESOME! It is a must see... Christian Bale, is hot thanks. Heath Ledger was kick ass and should get an Oscar!
The poodles have their first post haircut since the horrible fiasco of Pets Mart 2008. I am not gonna lie, I am REAL nervous. My poor babies.... they are a little nervous since last time they looked like jerks... so we had a talk. And this time they have permission to bite the person if they maybe them look stupid. The dogs have also been working on their tricks. They are doing really well... Now then can do sit, shake and down....kind of. haha
So since it has been Pioneer week the last week I have told my Pioneer Trek story like 100 times. Listen you guys, I am STILL traumatized by this event. It was the worst thing I have ever done in my life... Sometimes, I have nightmares about it. I am just saying if you are thinking about doing it... DON'T it's terrible and a life ruiner. I am also saying that bishop got an ear full from me, including swears.
For all those concerned, I think my toe nail is growing back!!! Yeah!!!
Hmmmmm....I wonder how many people actually read this thing.... Just a thought....
I have been watching a lot of my friends DVD's lately and I am falling back in love with it all over again!! What a terrific show! They just don't make it like they used to do they?
I went out with some girlfriends this weekend as a going away party for my friend Jessica, she is going to law school in Virgina. That is crazy you guys, that is like a really professional adult stuff guys. But I think its awesome she is going, I am sure she is going to do great ! Here is a picture of us at the Huka....
Ok this post is terrible, I am will be better next time... promise! PS If you haven't gone to Welchkin Wire or Steph's Blog, Do it... they have posted pictures of my new nephew Presley, aka Lennon, and he is SOOOOOO cute! Have a great Tuesday !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I heart Elvis... And Lennon

Memphis was very fun.... No thanks to Lennon who didn't make his grand entrance until today! I am thrilled he is finally here and that everything went smoothly today at the hospital. I have a nephew!! Welchkin Wire has photo's compliments of Mama . He is a little butter ball !!!
Back to Memphis.... Listen you guys we went to Graceland. I don't fancy myself to be an Elvis fan but it was pretty cool to go there. Fun to see stuff that I probably wouldn't otherwise have seen since no baby came. My picture at the top is me in front of his mansion, enjoying a delicious Icee. Don't judge me... I like them, get over it ! Here are some photos
Listen... I am listening to Fall Out Boy's "thanks for the memories" which usually isn't my type of music, especially since Mr. Ashlee Simpson aka Pete W. wears too much make-up...but I really like the song. Youtubes it. Well I think that is about it. O yeah, Thanks everyone for a fabulous birthday!!!!! I am for sure loved.... and don't forget fabulous!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Birthday ideas

This just might be the best shit I have ever heard and/or come acorss in my life..... I would like a nice dress for my birthday, if anyone is interested.... Clicks it on the following website. I wear size chubby....



I'm seriously dying over here!!!!!!!! Get out of my life with that.... However it would make a nice Halloween costume, maybe Jeff can dress do match as a dirty old douche bag creep and start taking notes from his sex offender clients right now.