Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I heart Elvis... And Lennon

Memphis was very fun.... No thanks to Lennon who didn't make his grand entrance until today! I am thrilled he is finally here and that everything went smoothly today at the hospital. I have a nephew!! Welchkin Wire has photo's compliments of Mama . He is a little butter ball !!!
Back to Memphis.... Listen you guys we went to Graceland. I don't fancy myself to be an Elvis fan but it was pretty cool to go there. Fun to see stuff that I probably wouldn't otherwise have seen since no baby came. My picture at the top is me in front of his mansion, enjoying a delicious Icee. Don't judge me... I like them, get over it ! Here are some photos
Listen... I am listening to Fall Out Boy's "thanks for the memories" which usually isn't my type of music, especially since Mr. Ashlee Simpson aka Pete W. wears too much make-up...but I really like the song. Youtubes it. Well I think that is about it. O yeah, Thanks everyone for a fabulous birthday!!!!! I am for sure loved.... and don't forget fabulous!


Jessica said...

I bet Graceland smelled like Bacon. I think Elvis liked club sandwiches. Hey, Lennon. Way to be late for your own birthday party. But he is so cute you can't stay mad. Have you had any muck with the Shuff ? Let me know if you need help getting it going.

M<3 said...

It was so great having you girls here in Memphis! It felt like old times some of my girls without spouses;) Too bad we didn't get sprinkler park photos, my soggy bsggy shorts and all. Thanks for coming and by the way I am so happy to have that cut and color, you are fabulous.

mamasteph said...

thank you so much for being here last week! I'm sorry Lennon didn't make it here before you left, but he's a good excuse to come out again, right? ;) You are welcome here anytime! I love you sis!