Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well Hello Body...

Yeah... He is mine. How the hell did I land that? This is Jeff right before weigh in's in Boise this last weekend. I didn't get a chance yet to brag up my bad-ass of a husband. He got the gold in his Weight and he got the silver in his skill level. He is pretty much amazing at grappling and I was very impressed when I watched him compete. We had a blast up there. Here are some pictures I took of him at the tournament... enjoy.
PS - I am sure the some of you ladies...and maybe guys :)... (I don't judge) will want to use Jeff as your Desktop background because his body is pretty much amazing.... Listen, I don't blame you. He belongs in a calendar.... a strictly Ginger's with awesome bodies calendar.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Because I'm a Rocket Mannnnnn...

Ah Vegas.... How I love it. Seriously one of the best trips ever!!! Jessica and Jana are pretty much fabulous and we had an absolute blast! Here are some highlights :

*We went to see Criss Angel's Cirque De Soleil Believe. It was good.... but I am pretty sure Criss thinks he is Jesus.. just saying. At the end of the show he pointed out the Perez Hilton was in the audience.... and the proceded to say "Perez is the biggest Douche bag, Ass hole in the whole F'ing world". HAHA totally hilarious and deserved. Perez talks a lot shit on his blog about Mr. Angel. But you better believe the second that show was over, Chub face Perez booked it oughta there. Seriously... booked it out in his bizarre light gray suit. Listen, I talk a lot of shit as does Perez and if you can't handle getting it in return STOP TALKING SHIT! He might want to rethink his profession... maybe he would be good at telemarketing or a door greeter at Sam's.

*We went dancing two nights at the club at Treasure Island (where we stayed). It was Christian Audgier who makes Ed Hardy's club. VERY FUN! We met some crazy ass brit's there. We attract the funniest people... it's our sparkling personalities. I also made friends with a couple of bouncers.. one of which keep calling me Reesey...for Resse Witherspoon which was pretty flattering. For whatever reason I kept calling on bouncer Clubby. He thought it was pretty funny.... Heeeeey Clubby.

* We went to the wax museum and I took a picture with my messiah... Mr. Barack Obama. Also I took a picture of me grabbing Michael Jackson's sick ass nose... I'm odd.

*We layed by the pool and got our tan on. Turns out I am still white.... awesome.

*Got to go to the Elton John's The Red Piano show at Ceasers. OK, seriously BEST.... SHOW... EVER!!!! He is such a legend and a 100% talented! He was fabulous and as it turns out, pretty obsessed with boobs. I mean really, a giant pair of blown up boobs came down at one point. Totally random and totally awesome! Ha! Also, the guy that played Greg Brady was sitting a couple of rows behind us. Turns out nobody besides us recognized him and it made Jess sad. Haha, and no we didn't approach him... we didn't want to be "those" girls. O who am I kidding, we are those girls.

*On the way down we stopped in St. George because someone told me that on Thursday the polygy's were all at Wal Mart so we stopped.... Uh no. TOTAL BUST! Which I was totally upset because everyone knows I have a complete obsession with the polyg's. Silly sister wives....

Anyways, totally fun! This weekend the husband and I are going to the exciting city of Boise for Jeff to compete for Jiu Jitsu. He has been on this crazy ass diet and has lost a ton of weight. So for every 10 pounds he has lost, I have gained 65. Yeah, I think I am up to 350... which is really attractive. All my friends are losing weight too... bitches... I am just jealous because my goal of having a crane take me out of my house is coming a long and at a speedy pace.
You guys, I really don't have a lot to say tonight.... hmmmm, what to say... what to say.... Anybody have any ideas....?
I guess I am done so I will leave you with my favorite Elton John song. He is fabulous and I want to be his bestie and pick out his wild sunglasses...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welch's grape

So since my last blog was a completely humiliating and kinda depressing this should be a little better. Jessica sent me a pretty much awesome email of crazy poodle dye jobs and haircuts. This is the poodle I intend to buy for my parents...since it is incredibly fitting! Welch grapes at it's finest!!!
I am so boring these days... I really don' t have much to say. Who knew that was even possible. However, I am having a fab time with my family in town. I wish they lived closer. I am pretty excited for Trey to move here. He is hilarious you guys....And my parents are pretty much awesome. Biggie did lot of handy man work for me.. THANKS BIG!!! I need to also post a picture of my new awesome turquoise wall in my kitchen and my sweet new glasses to match. Haha, being an adult is so lame hahaha, the things we get excited over... paint and houseware.
So I had a total bitch today at the salon. I love doing people's hair that are white trash. I pretty much live for it. She brought her 5 year old with her, who proceeded to run his remote control car into my feet. Perfect... I really like when people don't discipline their kids... it makes things pretty enjoyable since I love kids. She paid me in cash and I didn't even think to check. Yeah, she totally shorted me... stupid bitch. Sorry Mama and Biggie... but that is totally necessary.

Anyways, that is pretty much it since I need to go rinse the bleach off my teeth before they are transparent... Have an awesome Easter and have some candy.... that is what it's all about right? What's better then a Reese's shaped like an egg.... totally genius !!