Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Done and Done

****GOOD NEWS****
I didn't die in surgery... I do have this pressure wrap around my head and if you could see the back part of it, It looks like I have a damn jock strap on my head! HAHA It feels SO good to be done... thanks for all the phone calls and texts the past couple days, especially today ! I have some pretty amazing family and friends!
I am one lucky gal!
Really you guys, thank you all SOOOOO Much. And thanks to my great husband, I am really lucky to have found someone like him. He has taken great care of my thus far, and I am sure will continue to! Thanks babe!
I love you all!

I really look hot in this picture... haha and my lips look HUGE!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sensual Seduction in Las Vegas

I am watching Snoop's new video on YouTube right now... Snoop means some business in his new song Sensual Seduction... Watch that S, it's totally 70's ok!

We went to Vegas people and had a fabulous time... We freakin' saw a street called Ogden Ave.
Pretty professional if you ask me...
We had fun and only bet $2 on penny machines... Mama and Biggie said I could only gamble, but after $2 I was bored. Gambling is for the birds... here are some photo's.
Don't mind my fat arms and ugly shirt in the second picture, I honestly thought I looked ok for the day.. but turns out somebody lied to me! I for sure looked cuter that night. Don't be jealous we are pretty good looking.... it's cool.

Surgery is next Wednesday. I might die... so if I do, please don't let my shaved spot on my head show in my casket thanks! BOOO for shaving part of my head for surgery, I hope I don't have a Britney moment.
Speaking of Britney... that girl really has her S together these days! Good for her.... I haven't heard much about Amy Wino either, maybe she went to rehab again. However I did see a picture of her holding a baby and taking a shot of booze. Don't hate, she is a 100% legit babysitter, she can teach your kids Body shots and how to shot meth... The kids have to learn it somewhere. Her babysitting requirements are just salt, a lime and a a clean needle... hell not ever a clean one, just any old rusty needle should do.

What else.... O I had my first full week at the salon this week and it was SO nice! I love doing hair! I really do...
AND I became a Vegetarian as of Monday this week... I have been thinking about it and I don't like eating food that once had a face. I just want to hug an animal, not eat them. I have really thought about this you guys and it has been hard BUT I feel it is worth it and I feel better when my dogs and I have talks, because now I can tell them I don't eat animals anymore. But lets be honest... I love meat I mean I grew up in TX for crying out loud, this venture might be short lived. We shall see!
Ok that's it, this blog isn't as good as my usual and I feel like it's boring, SO I will stop boring us both! Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bad Haircuts, Cookies, and 80's rock

So I took my two ADORABLE pood's to get their haircut this weekend... for their birthday of course... and they ended up like this
Ok now at one point I had the cutest dogs in the world... one's that were so cute nobody's dogs could even hold a candle to them especially Scoot MaGoot...
NOW I have Troy who looks like that box head / flat face bad guy with curly hair off of Dick Tracy and Scoot that looks like a Mini Pin or a two color chihuahua with long ears wearing a damn helmet. Seriously y'all look at MaGoots legs, they look like freaking pencils! NOT CUTE! Troy isn't to bad.. but good hell poor Scoot...

(BTW Troy wanted everyone to see his favorite rope so it's in the picture)

On a lighter note, I went to Wal-Mart to get a refill of a prescription and waited in line for 15 minutes for this girl with EXTREMLY bad roots to tell me that it was still being filled... Really? Because the s*it was called in at noon but OK! So she tells me to step to the side and they will call my name... in the mean while I have to wait, white trash broads chatting my head off... Do I look like I work for food stamps and smack, Don't talk to me! For crying out loud... 30 minutes later of these two classy dames and I FINALLY get my prescription!
I am listening to Aerosmith's "Crying" y'all and it's sweet! YOUR LOVE IS SWEET MISERY... Loves me some Steven Tyler mmmmmmkay.
You guys, I am funny ok, I am re-reading this and I should have my own show!
O o o, I made some freakin' sugar cookies last night... they were some pretty professional wheat sugar cookies... YUM! I am just saying they are good.... I made them for my bestie Jess's birthday... Which was Monday! I got her a real real good gift, BUT I can't tell you what because she does not have it yet, I will see her beautiful mug tomorrow!
NOW it's Dude looks like a lady.... Mrs. Doubtfire anyone?
AND to keep everyone updated with my Jaw, I have surgery scheduled for April 30th... I will have an a scar by my left ear like a face lift and POSSIBLY on my other side if I have to opened up there too. They are hoping the right side can be fixed with a scoop but if not CUT IT OPEN... for those of you that want a good laugh, I will have to have about an inch up above my ear shaved for surgery, I am putting steps in the s*it when it starts to grow back just for my bro-in-law Eric, he LOVES steps! :) The surgery is out patient and I don't know a time yet... It will be at Mckay Dee surgical center, I might be more nervous about having my blood drawn so if anyone wants to donate blood and put it in my name that would be fabulous! Thanks!
Ok and I just have to say I AM SO glad that on Rock of Love that Bret picked Ambre not that stupid duck face Daisy! I can't wait for the reunion show it looks like Heather from season one beats Daisy's ass! Man, VH1 is awesome! :)
Now I am listening to Poison's "Unskinny Bop"...
OK I have to go this is getting ridiculous...

PS Vegas Friday!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Blond... Brunette.. I always have a good time

Ok Listen here, I look really good as a brunette! I did a real, real good job! I like to look suprised in pictures b/c then I don't have to "double chin-it"... Shut up everyone does it!
And By the way, what the hell is up with snow in April deal? It is making me 100% pissed!
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and an even better week!
Loves you