Friday, August 21, 2009

Sin City and my withdrawls....

I was listening to this song and it made me seriously home sick... for Vegas....
I am going over Halloween to meet up with my old roommate from Disney days Theresa. She lives in Jersey....and yes she loves Bon Jovi but no on the awesomely big hair. Anyways, she told me like damn close to a year ago that she was going and I should go down there to see her. Well, HHHeeelllooo, if your new, Any excuse to go to Vegas is great, but I am seriously STOKED to see my old partner in crime T. I miss her crazy, red-haired face.

So, anybody that wants to go, I am awesome at Vegas... and lets be honest, life. Seriously, ask anybody who's been with me, they'll tell you. You know who else is good at Vegas, they Thompson sisters. I like to make friends with bouncers at clubs, crazy cabbies and Europeans who I give nicknames to. Hey Clubby.... I am feeling very reminiscent if ya can't tell...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A more Biggie Friendly blog....

**NOTE : I am keeping this blog more Biggie T friendly**
So I was driving home again from the old Provo last night and re-discovered my Gavin Degraw CD. I don't know if you know this, but I would like to think that I am part of the reason that he became popular. Word of mouth... ya know I'm kinda a big deal... Anyways, when I was working at the old Journey's like 5 years ago, the play music videos of mostly people nobody knows about. Then after each month, they break it and toss the dvd, and get a new one. Wellllll, he was on one WAY before he became popular, so I stole the DVD because I loved him SO MUCH and searched like 5+ music stores and finally found his CD stuck behind a bunch of Garth Brooks and a whole mess of crap CD'S. They had one, and I was super stoked. So, I played it all the time and spread the word. And thanks, then he got popular. Soooo, Gavin, if you have googled yourself (Shut up, we've all done it) and find my blog and happen to read it, You can repay me by maybe do some making out or whatever, I mean I have no boundaries so I'll do whatever.... O crap, I am keeping this more "Biggie T" friendly since he wasn't real thrilled with my post last time, So lets re-try that. Gavin, if you would like to take a walk around the temple and exchange favorite hymn's that's cool. (You asked for that Big)
Here's a little diddy by him, one of my favorites :

Well that's it for me tonight, because I can't think of anything to write about that wont make me swear :)
O, also I am running out of topics lately anyways, so If you read this, post a comment and give me some ideas! I am also thinking of starting a blog about tips for Vegas :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's all relative to the size of your steeple

Since I have a working computer, I guess I should be better about updating this mess. I had a LLLOONNGG drive home from Provo tonight so I was brain storming blog topics. And since I like lists so here we go :

Topic #1:
Marilyn Manson. He totally came on the radio on my drive home. It brought a smile to my chubby face. I used to heart him, don't judge. Get that look off you face, I don't mean love like I want to lick bat blood off his chest, ..... I mean I liked his music. I'm a complex dame, get over it. I feel as if he is mis-understood, as am I. Whats wrong with swearing, lots of make-up and a little blasphemy? Sounds like a Wednesday night to me... I will post a video for your viewing and listening pleasure...which I am sure Mama, Biggie and Steph are going to 1000% hate (I remember watching this live in middle school)

Topic #2: (on a less goth note)
Swears. Now, if you are new, I like to swear. I think its funny and always appropriate. Some people, don't feel that way... Shit, damn, hell, always funny in my book. You know what's the most funny, Bitch is. (It's about this moment, Biggie is shaking his head and bleeding from his ears) Now, I know some people don't hear swears that much...Mama, Biggie, Moore's in Memphis, anyone in Utah County... so I guess I understand the shock value to them but for me, I'm around it ALL THE TIME and it just comes out. My parents always told me only uneducated people swear because they can't think of anything else to say. Well HELLLLLOOOO people, I am an idiot, thanks. No other words pop into twisted, not so bright mind. So, the moral of this is, sorry if I offend with my bitches and hells, but at the end of the day, I keep my shit real. :)

Topic #3:
Michael Jackson. So since, the old computer has been on the mend, I didn't get to express my feelings on his untimely death. I have always been a fan on his. Even as a kid. I mean he was a complete nut job, but I always loved him. Now, I probably shouldn't even say this but what the hell... I ***ALLEGEDLY** did a dance to MJ's heal the world and put band aids all over myself. This sounds like something I would do...but I swear I have no memory of this at all. But, I will say just because I don't remember doesn't mean it anything... I mean Biggie doesn't remember sticking green beans up Patty and I's noses when we were kids because we wouldn't eat them but it happened. IT HAPPENED DAMN IT!!! Not... traumatizing... at... all... Love ya big!

Topic #4:
Babies. OK OK, before I say anything, I would like to say a huge CONGRATS to Val and Steph and their upcoming addition due in March 2010! I am pretty excited because they make very adorable babies. THAT BEING SAID, I was thinking the other day about all the money I have spent on showers, baby birthdays, hospital gifts when born, Christmas presents... that's a lot of damn money. You know what people gave me when I got the poodles, a pat on the back. O o o, wait not even that! So... If I ever have children, I expect all my friends to pitch in and buy my a trip to Hawaii! Thanks in advance :)

Topic #5:
Help. So you know how those giant fatty's get on TV or the Internet and post for free surgery to get "healthy"...(They really just want to be sickly skinny but whatever), that's what I am doing. If anyone wants to pay for me to look like Nicole Ritchie without child, that would be awesome. THHHHAANNKS... Turns out because of my post surgery and infection-problems I haven't been as good this summer... Listen, someone tried to talk to my stomach because I look pregnant... awesome. Hold on while I hang myself....

Ok, I am getting ridiculous so see ya bye. PS I love my sister Mary Rose, she is amazing. (And I love the rest of my family too..)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In case anybody stills reads this....

So in case anybody even checks this anymore, hello and hi. I really haven't sucked at blogs this summer, I just have had no computer. It broke, turns out we had 123459 trojan viruses (whatever that is) and 3457 things of spy wares. Uh Hi, what the hell is the point of viruses??? So some Star Wars lovin', zit face fat ass can get his jollys? Really....I don't get it. I hope you guys have had other ways to enrich you life's since I've been away...

Ok before I get off on a tangent... Let see, where to start.... Well lets start with my jaw. Ooooh, boy. Well since I've blogged last, I noticed one night about 3+weeks ago that the top of my incision was purple, raised and when touched started to bleed. Perfect. Went to my second home, Dr. A's office and oh, right it's infected. And it now makes my recovery time weeks longer. Awesome. Well why the F wouldn't it be infected? So I took some meds and it came back. So, now I am going in next week and they are going to cut my jaw out and put a steel one in its place. Ok, I totally just made that up, but WHAT THE HELL! I mean now really, why don't I just bend over blind folded and crap out money and time. So, when I went to go pick up my anti-biotics today, the pharm. tech asked me if I had any ?'s and I said no because I've already taken it... and she says "Ok, so you know that if you take birth control, this counter-acts it so you may want to use another method of birth control." Uhhhh, wait, WHAT!!??!? That piece of info would have been handy THE FIRST GO ROUND!!!!!!! I think I lost all color in my face and started to bleed out my ears. My father in law should have mentioned that one of the 10 times I called him with ?'s about it, I mean I know he wants grand kids, but HOLY HELL! Priceless. Also, my new insurance is now saying they wont pay for the 6 PRE-AUTHORIZED physical therapy visits I've had and wont cover anymore, so that's over. That actually might be a good thing, my therapist guy was always calling me baby, hottie, hot young thing, baby girl... so I think it was time we part ways.
Hmmm, lets move on to something more cheerful, I am over my jaw like yesterday at 10. Well I had my birthday! Happy Birthday to me, I am now 25! Now, I'm not real sure I'll make it to 30 with all my health issues', because either my ass will explode or my face will, but none the less birthdays are always exciting. Justin and I had our annual birthday bash at the Huka. It was mobsters and flappers theme! I forgot my camera (because I am retarded), So, I stole some pictures from Celina and Farrah.... I looked awesome, thanks.

They played SWEET CHILD OF MINE and dedicated it to me and I got to dance on stage in place of the Go-Go dancers (2nd picture from bottom) My butt checks weren't hanging out like the dancer chippies but still It was pretty awesome! Jess and Tiff totally surprised me!! Neither one of them said they were going to be able to make and then totally surprised me!!! Those willy minx's! It was such a great birthday! Thanks for all my calls, texts, and gifts!
Jeff and I attended a wedding a couple weeks ago up at Wolf Mountain Resort. SO SO SO gorgeous up there!! I attached a couple of pictures of that too... So people don't think I just dress up like a 20's flapper. Shoooot.

What else, what else.... The poodle boys are as adorable as ever! Love them. Scoot had to have some more chompers pulled. It's cool, it was only $235, which is totally fine because A) he is my little baby Magoo son and B) We're made of money. Oh, I have also been a real professional reader this summer. I finished A PERFECT DAY by Richard Paul Evans (I think ??) in the end of June. It was really good, once I got into the first 50 pages, I had a hard time putting it down. So I recommend it. As a gift from my fabulous sister Patty I got Chelsea Handlers new book MY HORIZONTAL LIFE. Totally hilarious, and totally crass. It makes her first book look like a church book. So you know I love this one.
HOLY HELL, I wish I knew how to upload pictures from my phone onto my computer. Jessica (Law School Jess) and I were driving the other day and we totally pulled up to a nugget on a three wheeled motorcycle!!!!!! It was truly one of the most awesome moments of my life, so you know I had to take a picture with the old cell phone. I mean this event is right up there with the time I saw a nug driving a jazzy around. Love me some nugs!

Well I hope this blog was worth the wait.... I feel as if after 2 months I need to re-learn how to blog... and also type, this bitch took me like an hour....