Thursday, December 17, 2009

We are the World

Well since its not news that I heart M.J. I was jamming out to "We are the World" so I felt I should share it.
Hi Im a loser... its 12:50am and I am listening to We Are The World....I need a life. There are a few things I would like to point out in this video that I feel are notable :
1-Willie Nelson = pre VERY old age and too much pot
2-Cyndi Lauper = No explanation
3- Stevie Wonders =braided pony tail
4- Couple of Creepy Mustache guys
5-Bruce Spingsteen = Looks like he might being a #2 while singing, I don't know I'm just saying

All said and done, it's got a good message. And the message I got is, I'll never be as awesome as Cyndi Lauper, Or apparently Dan Akroyd... I think he sneaks in there somewhere...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

missed classes = no babies

I was on Facebook, ya know spying (ha) on peoples blog, which I heart doing and it occurred to me how different my life is to most people with in my age range. Now, don't misconstrue what I am saying here, because I love my life, I just find it interesting the place I am in life compared to some people I know. I was looking at some blogs of people I grew up with in TX, CO, and UT and like 90% of people have at least one child. Kids are great for some people, I am just not sure if I am one of those people.
I look at these peoples blogs and they look happy... don't get me wrong... but all I think of is being so strapped down and stressful. Do they look at mine and think my life is irresponsible or 'flighty' because I don't have that? It's interesting how people perceive each other is I guess my point. I talk about my job, which is something I passionately love doing, my incredible husband who each day amazes me with his vast knowledge and always trying to improve, my uh HELLO beyond cute pood's who keep my sane, (Guess that depends on your def. of sane is...). I talk about my trips that I worked hard to save for, and the craziness that is my crew of girls. And other totally random topics like Joe Jackson, Breast Cancer Awareness, nugs.... I just can't help but think that some of these people (if they even read mine) how irresponsible and shallow my life must be with out children.
We are entering in a weird time in our young mid adults years, after most people are married and or serious with someone, then hhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee come all the babies. don't get me wrong,..... I enjoy chippies, really but I also enjoy passing them along.
I was talking to my friend Nat about all the babies, and I feel like I am out of an exclusive club.
Club Crew chats have changed from Girls Night and what to wear.... to...How I have some vomit on my top and Chuck E Cheese. (Which I actually secretly looooovove)

I just missed the class on how to conjure up the emotions to feel maternal, ya know.
Never say never, It is what it is, and I will continue to love and support all 2345 in my life :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red = Bad Ass

Just in case anybody wasn't aware, I am married to a pretty bad ass guy. A couple of years ago, he came up with a form of treatment for therapy called Emotional Fitness Rehabilitation (EFR). It combines working out/fitness with mental health. It teaches you tools to help "intervene" with your mental health while working on your fitness, giving yourself ways to help work through your thought process. He has been toiling over this form of treatment for the past couple years. He had a few buddies that wanted to get involved with a pilot study for it, which Weber State funded thanks to a professor friend of Jeff's. We call him the old man... :)
Anyways, in the study they took the kids from YHA (a group home for juvi sex offenders) and brought them up to WSU gym where they were shown the exercises to do, and the tools to help with the mental health part of it. This study lasted for months, and it was very, VERY time consuming for them. Well the study is now over, and the results are in.
EFR is proven to work and be a productive from of therapy at 99%!! So where do they go from here... well a larger study will probably be picked up, and they will probably be published in a journal! And then the sky's the limit as far as ways to spread it around.
I am So incredibly proud of my husband. He is SO incredibly motivated and his brain is always on OVERDRIVE thinking of the next thing and/or how to make his current project better. He is truly amazing to me, I mean he pioneered this form of therapy and came up with all tools needed for to make it work between mental health and physical health. This whole undertaking of a project is literally his baby.
So kudos to my fabulous husband for pursuing his dreams and never settling for mediocre.

PS - I Have all my Christmas decor up and it looks FABULOUS!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I don't blog that often about serious things. Especially serious subjects that have to do with something that is private or incredibly personal to me.... I am not posting this blog to get comments of praise, how much you think of me or fishing for anything. Honestly, I am not even sure why I need to write about it, maybe self soothe.

There are a couple things that people don't generally know about me, because I hide behind, a "tough" exterior as my parents call it, humor, false confidence, and sarcasm. Today has been a "unicorn" day for me... which is code for not a very good one. I battle with severe depression everyday of my life. Some days I am really great, and other days... well not so stellar. I am usually ok at deflecting my emotions, talking myself out of crying or thinking so poorly of myself. But today, I had no such luck.
There are people that think that depression is not a real thing. These people obviously do not know someone that deals with it. Its like a light switch inside... I was driving, picking up my friends dog to babysit, and the next thing I knew I felt very upset for no apparent reason and I just couldn't stop crying. Thank the lord for big sunglasses while driving, right. This puts a incredibly vulnerable side of me out there to whoever reads this, but it is part of who I am, despite sometimes wasted efforts to feel like I "have control".
I was talking all three dogs out to potty and for a walk in the brisk canyon air, so I bundled up and put my IPOD on. Now, it's not brand new information that I am a tad obsessed with PINK, and I feel like I can identify with a lot of her songs. Her song "Sober" came on and for the first time since I have really heard it the lyrics really struck me. Pretty conducive to my day. Especially the third verse.

Sober Lyrics

I don't wanna be the girl who laughs the loudest
Or the girl who never wants to be alone
I don't wanna be that call at four o'clock in the morning
'Cause I'm the only one you know in the world that won't be home

Aahh, the sun is blinding
I stayed up again
Oohh, I am finding
That's not the way I want my story to end

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're my protection
But how do I feel this good sober?

I don't wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence...
The quiet scares me 'cause it screams the truth
Please don't tell me that we had that conversation
When I won't remember, save your breath, 'cause what's the use?

Aahh, the night is calling
And it whispers to me softly, "come and play"
Aahh, I am falling
And if I let myself go, I'm the only one to blame

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
But how do I feel this good sober?

I'm comin' down
Comin' down
Comin' down
Spinnin' round
Spinnin' round
Spinnin' round
Looking for myself.. Sober

Comin' down
Comin' down
Comin' down
Spinnin' round
Spinnin' round
Spinnin' round
Looking for myself.. Sober

When it's good, then it's good, it's so good, 'till it goes bad
Till you're trying to find the you that you once had
I have heard myself cry
Never again
Broken down in agony
And just trying to find a friend

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
But how do I feel this good sober?

I'm safe
Up high
Nothing can touch me
But why do I feel this party's over?
No pain
You're like perfection
But how do I feel this good sober?

For most people, we don't talk about things that are uncomfortable, or maybe have a particular stereo-type attached. I am by no means different, and I don't know why I decided to write this particular blog, maybe I just needed to get some things out for just me... but maybe it might help someone to think they aren't alone in the way the feel, and even if its uncomfortable, its my reality.
PS I saw Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT today, AMAZING!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things that make ya go hmmmm....

So, as it turns out I really don't have much to say anymore. What the hell happened to me, because I really do enjoy blogging???? Well I am going to make this one kick a blog, ...well I'll try.

First things first, Everyone knows how much I despise Vegas :) So I was drug down there for over Halloween shenanigans. It was a blasty blast! This trip we stayed at the Luxor... hoping to catch a glimpse of Criss Angel Mind Freaking someone. No such luck. Jess and I drove down and Jana met us there, because she had to fly in from Reno. Even though we didn't stay at the same hotel, we met up with my friend and old roomie from the "tame" Disney days, Theresa, her sister, their friend Heather who turns out it pocket size, .... and two other people that we never saw, they just stayed in the room, LAME! We went dancing all 3 nights and had an absolute blast!! Just a little FYI for anyone trying to get into L A X at the Luxor. What.a.joke. On Halloween we waited FOREVER, and then Jana and some dude in line had words.... and as he walked past me, I threw my ice water on his feet. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Don't worry he didn't know it was me. Moral of the story line standers = DON'T BE A DOUCHER! Halloween was crazy there.... I mean people were literally wearing the most scandalise, risque and repulsive costumes. A girl was walking around in booty shorts (so pretty much underpants) a white fur shrug, bunny ears and PASTIES! Quit it, you can't make that shit up! Who does that, o right whores.

Now I must say this was a very educational PG trip for us (minus the fact that we were in Vegas with people 1/2 dressed for Halloween shenanigans) . We went to a Titanic Artifact Exhibit, a Body Worlds exhibit focusing on nerves and the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. Then we went to Broadways production of The Lion King. See Biggie and Mama... PG. mmmmm, at least during the day time. Hahaha kidding . Both of the exhibits were reallt interesting, actually.
Here, enjoy some picture:

This we had a fabulous time!! If ya can't tell. The foot picture is us standing over the shark reef... we weren't just admiring our toesies. :)
OK, now on a business note, the holidays are coming up... & we all know that means we procrastinate.... So make sure to make your appts. for between now & New Years slightly in advance. Holiday season = Mad house in my boothe b/c, lets be honest I pretty much rock! **Side Note** A big THANKS to all my friends and clients for taking part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month's specials. I have 3 ponytails to donate and there are a dozen+ clients and friends walking around with PINK in there hair! I will be doing something similar in February for Ovarian Cancer Month, so keep your eye's peeled.
Hmmm , what else. There are a few things bothering me these days. I would just like to know how some people end up with ZERO tact, awareness for other people and the ability to pat themselves on the back for their friendship or lack of to someone. Interesting to me is all, we are all raised differently but aren't some things just social skills? Also what's with peoples status updates on Facebook.... if you feel the need to brag ab things on a freaking social network, there probably NOT true. Just saying. Or hidden agenda "forward" emails... really? OK that's all I will bitch about for now.
O wait one more thing, Jeff gave me his black spot. It's called Impetigo.... pretty much I look like I have leprosy with all these sores on my face. Not only does it feel good but it looks aawweessoooomme. Well, the silver lining is my limbs wont fall off from leprosy since that's not my diagnosis. haha

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Widowing it up in the Wendover

Not to much has been going on... so I haven't been blogging much. However, The Crew and I (Christie, Mexican Jessica, Celina, Cellen, Casey, Farrah and I) went up to Wendover for Deer Widows. We had an absolute blast! I got sick when we first got there, from Wendy's. I think I either got a bad piece of chicken or my body isn't used to the grease in fast food. So I threw up a few times...which felt awesome on the old jaw... but after sipping on some water and Sierra Mist, curtsy of Ms. Celina, I felt loads better.
Here are some pictures that I stole from Fare's facebook page. I am just saying, we looked fabulous!
I have been cleaning out the basement the last couple weeks.... ooo lord, what I chore that is. I really did not think that through. Turns out we have A LOT of shit! And also.. a lot of spiders down there. Nice, real nice. I am trying to clear out one side so when we have our annual Halloween party this Saturday, I want people to be able to go down stairs to hang out. I still don't have a costume (boo) but Jeff however is going to be... a ... redneck. Awesome. Any ideas for me????
Well I am going to attempt to go to bed. And by attempt I mean play Monopoly on my phone because this blog is Borrrriiinng.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Joe Jackson = Dorian

SO we all know that my brain works on a very weird level... Well the other day I was thinking about much of a creepster Joe Jackson was at the VMA's and then it hit me... Joe Jackson was the villain Dorian in the Mask.... All they did was paint his mug green because look here, the resemblance is Riidiiiiicuuuuullllouuusss !!Now I went with an older, more glamorous picture of old Joe boy, I mean he even has some sweet jerry curls all greased up. He hasn't always been a money hungry creeper you guys, he once beat kids too!!! And I feel like his necklace that you can't see the bottom of in the picture, probably was gold and a scaled down version of Africa. You never see Joey boy without his Gold Medallions, you know he showers with that S on. I'm being rude... I am sure he is a lovely gent. ....On some level.... I might be the same as Howard K. Stern to Anna Nicole Smith, but on some twisted level, I am sure he's fabulous.

I was also reading Dlisted today, and he totally made the un-canny connection with the LaToya and her long lost twin...Listen... I am just saying, it's true. THANKS DLISTED for finally making that connection!!!

I love the Jacksons but holy hell, why do they all look like make-believe characters? WHY!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turns out blue is a perfect color for Voo Doo Dolls

Well, I haven't blogged in a minute and I can't sleep so I decided it was time. Not a whole lot has been going on with me that is exciting. I freaking can't believe its already more then half way through September and the weather is changing.... Uh hi, I went outside this morning to let out the dogs and I could see my breath. Ok I totally just lied right then but, HELLO I hate the cold. BOOO. I guess the good thing is that this means that the holidays will be here before we know it. And I do quite enjoy me some holiday festivites. Really any reason to party, socialize and get all dressed up is good in my book.
So I was doing some blog stocking of people that I know, then found links on their's to other peoples blogs and so on and so on...(Most people wouldn't admit they do this but, whatever everybody does...)and so I was reading through them and it occuried to me... my blog is TOTALLY differnt, as far as what I blog about goes. People are posting about their kids, their activites via it be school or church and their spouses. Now me... I have to be different... always different. I freaking blog about Vegas, Poodles, Midgets and controversial things that I probably have my Dad shocking his head. I feel like maybe I missed a blogging class and I am some random terrets case that blogs about random shit. Oh well I guess... if I wasn't being shocking or shouting swears, people wouldn't know how to handle me... Also, it was kinda fun to see a few new people have commented on my blog that I didn't know read it. Watch out people, I am getting real popular.
Today at the salon I had a refferal client who's hair I was doing for the very first time. Well, we all know that I am awesome, not just at life but hair also... and I could tell she was a little nervous when she first came in, which I totally get. I mean it is nerve wrecking to be new in town, go to someone brand new for hair... I mean I KNOW I am fabulous, all I had to do was prove myself. Well as usual, I rocked and she told me that this was the best hair color she has ever had in her entire life (she's probably about 50). So that was a nice ego boost for me. Speaking of hair, I am just putting this out their for people interested... During the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am running a couple of specials:
1st ~ Anyone getting a haircut for LOCKS OF LOVE, I am giving them 50% off their haircut, making it about $10.
and 2nd ~ If you add PINK to your color service (even if its one strand) I will give you 25% off your color.

I wanted to do this last year but for some reason I spaced it completely (Shocking right). So anybody interested... let me know.
Hmmm, what else what else... O!!! I almost forgot!!! My fabulous friend Katie got me the BEST GIFT EVER in New Orleans. A freaking Voo Doo Doll!!! Listen, I haven't been so excited about a doll in a couple of decades!!! And I am so not kidding! It came with a needle to poke it with and everything!!! It has wild blue hair and is awesome, If I knew where my damn camera was I would take a picture. I have big plans for this doll, BIG PLANS! So I am just saying watch out... things are about to get real, real interesting. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2 Weeks to the day...

I still can't believe it...

... 2 weeks to the day, I was sitting next to my fragile, and dying Grandpa. I got a call from my Grandma that my Grandpa had taken a turn for the worst and was dying. After talking to my cousin Mechelle, we conceded that it was best for me to go up to my Aunt Robin's house, where they have been living for a little while. I feel really blessed that I was able to my last good byes to him, he didn't say much because he wasn't really able to talk very well, but when I looked into his pain filled eyes I knew that he knew how much he meant to me. Jeff, Trey and I stayed there a long time, I think I left about 1. Even though it was the last time I saw him, I will always keep with me happier and healthier times and all the smiles, hugs, and talks we shared. That was the hardest thing for me to do this far in my life... to get up from the bed next to him and know that, when I left....he would be gone. The last thing I said to him was.. I loved him, and how amazing of a man he was and if he needed to go that we would be ok and that we understand that it was his time.

Two days later... he passed away.
As I sit here balling like the emotional basket case I am (which PS is from my Grandpa... we're BIG TIME criers...) I remember the good times.. Here are just a few memories that pop out at me :
*When we lived in Denver, my Grandparents and some cousins came out to visit. One afternoon he was reading the paper at the table, where my cousin was sitting with him... and I over hear my Grandpa say to Ryan..."hey Ryan, there is a concert in here for the Bare Naked Ladies, we should go to that!"... My cousin replies to him, "Grandpa... they're a band, they aren't naked and they are men.."
*2 years ago, he had taken a turn for the worst and all the family was asked to come to the nursing home he was staying at (For a surgery I believe), we all spent the night hanging out there, even had our family Christmas Party there that night in their dining area. There was just a couple people in his room at one point during the Christmas gathering, including Mary and I and he started talking about his favorite song, which happened to be the one they danced to at his wedding. And through all his pain and suffering he began to sing to us... it was just a few moments, but it was an incredibly moving moment. He loved to sing and was a wonderful singer...
*In high school, I went up one afternoon to their home to visit and after I visited with my Grandma, she told me to go say hi to my Grandpa, who was in the basement. He was always in the basement working on one of his MANY projects. This particular day he had cut out a bunch of wood to make tigers and was painting them. He was an incredible painter and artist...truly amazing. So I went down their to find him painting away, listening to the an AM radio station with songs from the 30's and 40's and he told me to get a chair, and he and I painted Tigers. Not a lot was said, we didn't need to, we were enjoying each others company. I don't know why this memory was so significant to me, but it was nice to be doing something he loved, together.
*In Good old Marshall, MN.. they do things weird. At their High School graduation's they ask you to keep all applause and cheering to the very end, which isn't weird but the fact that EVERYONE listens and doesn't make a peep, is weird. Now seriously... like you could hear a pin drop. Its real, real weird. Well, when Mary Rose graduated my Grandpa and I thought that was crap, so in the dead silence of an ALL TO SERIOUS high school graduation.. they call her name and Grandpa and I jumped up and cheered... it was awesome and yes people shook their heads... We didn't care.

His services were wonderful, and it was nice to be able to connect with my immediate and extended family and spend time with my amazing Grandma. She is handling everything so well.. the day of the funeral I saw her that morning for the first time since he passed and she told me that she felt like she was the one that died.... Her and I shared some tears and she completed it with "He really was an amazing man.." He really was.
Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and caring during all of this. I feel so grateful to have an amazing family and incredible friends. A few of my best friends came out to the viewing and the funeral.. I tried to tell them it was ok, but they really wanted to show their support...even though 2 of them had never met my Grandpa. So thank you guys for being so great, and out of the goodness of your hearts, attending. I don't know how I obtained such fabulous friends! Also, thanks to Jeff's family who all came to the viewing and then to the funeral... They are so great to me and so supportive to not only me, but my family as well, I feel very fortunate to have married into that family. And to my family immediate, and extended... it was nice to all be there and remember him as a family, because to my Grandpa, family was everything. I love you all... and thanks for putting up with a serious blog, ......... doesn't happen to often.

PS I am posting some pictures my sister Steph took at the grave site, there is a really good one of a Vet playing to TAPS since he is a veteran, a sweet one of Aleece watching the grave dedication and one of my sweet, loving Grandma...
PPS... to my cousins that tell me they "blog stalk" me... you can comment ya know :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sin City and my withdrawls....

I was listening to this song and it made me seriously home sick... for Vegas....
I am going over Halloween to meet up with my old roommate from Disney days Theresa. She lives in Jersey....and yes she loves Bon Jovi but no on the awesomely big hair. Anyways, she told me like damn close to a year ago that she was going and I should go down there to see her. Well, HHHeeelllooo, if your new, Any excuse to go to Vegas is great, but I am seriously STOKED to see my old partner in crime T. I miss her crazy, red-haired face.

So, anybody that wants to go, I am awesome at Vegas... and lets be honest, life. Seriously, ask anybody who's been with me, they'll tell you. You know who else is good at Vegas, they Thompson sisters. I like to make friends with bouncers at clubs, crazy cabbies and Europeans who I give nicknames to. Hey Clubby.... I am feeling very reminiscent if ya can't tell...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A more Biggie Friendly blog....

**NOTE : I am keeping this blog more Biggie T friendly**
So I was driving home again from the old Provo last night and re-discovered my Gavin Degraw CD. I don't know if you know this, but I would like to think that I am part of the reason that he became popular. Word of mouth... ya know I'm kinda a big deal... Anyways, when I was working at the old Journey's like 5 years ago, the play music videos of mostly people nobody knows about. Then after each month, they break it and toss the dvd, and get a new one. Wellllll, he was on one WAY before he became popular, so I stole the DVD because I loved him SO MUCH and searched like 5+ music stores and finally found his CD stuck behind a bunch of Garth Brooks and a whole mess of crap CD'S. They had one, and I was super stoked. So, I played it all the time and spread the word. And thanks, then he got popular. Soooo, Gavin, if you have googled yourself (Shut up, we've all done it) and find my blog and happen to read it, You can repay me by maybe do some making out or whatever, I mean I have no boundaries so I'll do whatever.... O crap, I am keeping this more "Biggie T" friendly since he wasn't real thrilled with my post last time, So lets re-try that. Gavin, if you would like to take a walk around the temple and exchange favorite hymn's that's cool. (You asked for that Big)
Here's a little diddy by him, one of my favorites :

Well that's it for me tonight, because I can't think of anything to write about that wont make me swear :)
O, also I am running out of topics lately anyways, so If you read this, post a comment and give me some ideas! I am also thinking of starting a blog about tips for Vegas :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's all relative to the size of your steeple

Since I have a working computer, I guess I should be better about updating this mess. I had a LLLOONNGG drive home from Provo tonight so I was brain storming blog topics. And since I like lists so here we go :

Topic #1:
Marilyn Manson. He totally came on the radio on my drive home. It brought a smile to my chubby face. I used to heart him, don't judge. Get that look off you face, I don't mean love like I want to lick bat blood off his chest, ..... I mean I liked his music. I'm a complex dame, get over it. I feel as if he is mis-understood, as am I. Whats wrong with swearing, lots of make-up and a little blasphemy? Sounds like a Wednesday night to me... I will post a video for your viewing and listening pleasure...which I am sure Mama, Biggie and Steph are going to 1000% hate (I remember watching this live in middle school)

Topic #2: (on a less goth note)
Swears. Now, if you are new, I like to swear. I think its funny and always appropriate. Some people, don't feel that way... Shit, damn, hell, always funny in my book. You know what's the most funny, Bitch is. (It's about this moment, Biggie is shaking his head and bleeding from his ears) Now, I know some people don't hear swears that much...Mama, Biggie, Moore's in Memphis, anyone in Utah County... so I guess I understand the shock value to them but for me, I'm around it ALL THE TIME and it just comes out. My parents always told me only uneducated people swear because they can't think of anything else to say. Well HELLLLLOOOO people, I am an idiot, thanks. No other words pop into twisted, not so bright mind. So, the moral of this is, sorry if I offend with my bitches and hells, but at the end of the day, I keep my shit real. :)

Topic #3:
Michael Jackson. So since, the old computer has been on the mend, I didn't get to express my feelings on his untimely death. I have always been a fan on his. Even as a kid. I mean he was a complete nut job, but I always loved him. Now, I probably shouldn't even say this but what the hell... I ***ALLEGEDLY** did a dance to MJ's heal the world and put band aids all over myself. This sounds like something I would do...but I swear I have no memory of this at all. But, I will say just because I don't remember doesn't mean it anything... I mean Biggie doesn't remember sticking green beans up Patty and I's noses when we were kids because we wouldn't eat them but it happened. IT HAPPENED DAMN IT!!! Not... traumatizing... at... all... Love ya big!

Topic #4:
Babies. OK OK, before I say anything, I would like to say a huge CONGRATS to Val and Steph and their upcoming addition due in March 2010! I am pretty excited because they make very adorable babies. THAT BEING SAID, I was thinking the other day about all the money I have spent on showers, baby birthdays, hospital gifts when born, Christmas presents... that's a lot of damn money. You know what people gave me when I got the poodles, a pat on the back. O o o, wait not even that! So... If I ever have children, I expect all my friends to pitch in and buy my a trip to Hawaii! Thanks in advance :)

Topic #5:
Help. So you know how those giant fatty's get on TV or the Internet and post for free surgery to get "healthy"...(They really just want to be sickly skinny but whatever), that's what I am doing. If anyone wants to pay for me to look like Nicole Ritchie without child, that would be awesome. THHHHAANNKS... Turns out because of my post surgery and infection-problems I haven't been as good this summer... Listen, someone tried to talk to my stomach because I look pregnant... awesome. Hold on while I hang myself....

Ok, I am getting ridiculous so see ya bye. PS I love my sister Mary Rose, she is amazing. (And I love the rest of my family too..)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In case anybody stills reads this....

So in case anybody even checks this anymore, hello and hi. I really haven't sucked at blogs this summer, I just have had no computer. It broke, turns out we had 123459 trojan viruses (whatever that is) and 3457 things of spy wares. Uh Hi, what the hell is the point of viruses??? So some Star Wars lovin', zit face fat ass can get his jollys? Really....I don't get it. I hope you guys have had other ways to enrich you life's since I've been away...

Ok before I get off on a tangent... Let see, where to start.... Well lets start with my jaw. Ooooh, boy. Well since I've blogged last, I noticed one night about 3+weeks ago that the top of my incision was purple, raised and when touched started to bleed. Perfect. Went to my second home, Dr. A's office and oh, right it's infected. And it now makes my recovery time weeks longer. Awesome. Well why the F wouldn't it be infected? So I took some meds and it came back. So, now I am going in next week and they are going to cut my jaw out and put a steel one in its place. Ok, I totally just made that up, but WHAT THE HELL! I mean now really, why don't I just bend over blind folded and crap out money and time. So, when I went to go pick up my anti-biotics today, the pharm. tech asked me if I had any ?'s and I said no because I've already taken it... and she says "Ok, so you know that if you take birth control, this counter-acts it so you may want to use another method of birth control." Uhhhh, wait, WHAT!!??!? That piece of info would have been handy THE FIRST GO ROUND!!!!!!! I think I lost all color in my face and started to bleed out my ears. My father in law should have mentioned that one of the 10 times I called him with ?'s about it, I mean I know he wants grand kids, but HOLY HELL! Priceless. Also, my new insurance is now saying they wont pay for the 6 PRE-AUTHORIZED physical therapy visits I've had and wont cover anymore, so that's over. That actually might be a good thing, my therapist guy was always calling me baby, hottie, hot young thing, baby girl... so I think it was time we part ways.
Hmmm, lets move on to something more cheerful, I am over my jaw like yesterday at 10. Well I had my birthday! Happy Birthday to me, I am now 25! Now, I'm not real sure I'll make it to 30 with all my health issues', because either my ass will explode or my face will, but none the less birthdays are always exciting. Justin and I had our annual birthday bash at the Huka. It was mobsters and flappers theme! I forgot my camera (because I am retarded), So, I stole some pictures from Celina and Farrah.... I looked awesome, thanks.

They played SWEET CHILD OF MINE and dedicated it to me and I got to dance on stage in place of the Go-Go dancers (2nd picture from bottom) My butt checks weren't hanging out like the dancer chippies but still It was pretty awesome! Jess and Tiff totally surprised me!! Neither one of them said they were going to be able to make and then totally surprised me!!! Those willy minx's! It was such a great birthday! Thanks for all my calls, texts, and gifts!
Jeff and I attended a wedding a couple weeks ago up at Wolf Mountain Resort. SO SO SO gorgeous up there!! I attached a couple of pictures of that too... So people don't think I just dress up like a 20's flapper. Shoooot.

What else, what else.... The poodle boys are as adorable as ever! Love them. Scoot had to have some more chompers pulled. It's cool, it was only $235, which is totally fine because A) he is my little baby Magoo son and B) We're made of money. Oh, I have also been a real professional reader this summer. I finished A PERFECT DAY by Richard Paul Evans (I think ??) in the end of June. It was really good, once I got into the first 50 pages, I had a hard time putting it down. So I recommend it. As a gift from my fabulous sister Patty I got Chelsea Handlers new book MY HORIZONTAL LIFE. Totally hilarious, and totally crass. It makes her first book look like a church book. So you know I love this one.
HOLY HELL, I wish I knew how to upload pictures from my phone onto my computer. Jessica (Law School Jess) and I were driving the other day and we totally pulled up to a nugget on a three wheeled motorcycle!!!!!! It was truly one of the most awesome moments of my life, so you know I had to take a picture with the old cell phone. I mean this event is right up there with the time I saw a nug driving a jazzy around. Love me some nugs!

Well I hope this blog was worth the wait.... I feel as if after 2 months I need to re-learn how to blog... and also type, this bitch took me like an hour....

Friday, June 19, 2009

I suck at blogs but its cool I look like Sloth

Hello my awaiting public...Sorry I have been so terrible at blogging these days. I have had a lot going on. For those of you that have lived under a rock :), I had surgery on my jaw *FOR HOPEFULLY THE LAST TIME* last Wednesday, I went to MN for Trey's big graduation (my camera sucks so no pictures of that, but check out the family blog), I've had family in town, my friend Tiff got married and I just haven't been interested in getting on the computer lately. Blah.

Well... as for JAW SURGERY 2009, it went pretty well. I even did the I V this time... NO GAS! You guys, I am totally an adult right now. I am not going to lie, there were some tears and Valium before hand but it was my idea because it causes less nausea, and as comfortable as throwing up right after jaw surgery is... When they went in, I guess I had massive amounts of degenerative scar tissue that needed to be removed, they reattached the cartilage and unexpectedly cut a muscle from somewhere on the side of my face and reattached it to my jaw to make it stronger. Now, I'm not sure if its the muscle deal or what, but no kidding my face swelled SO much. I straight up looked like Sloth from Goonies, followed by a black eye that wont quit and a blood shot eye. I am pretty good looking actually. If deformation and looking like you've had your ass whooped was in...

Now it never occurred to me that I should have taken as picture at my worst with the swelling but these pictures will have to do. O and not sure the convo the anesthesiologist and I had but I ended up giving him my card! HAHA
I also had Tiff and Mike's wedding a couple of weeks ago. Listen, I did her hair and in case there were any doubts, I do a pretty damn good job at hair. She looked gorgeous and they both looked so happy. The wedding was at Red Butte Gardens in SLC and it was over cast so the summer weather was nice and tolerable. Busy day... but I was really glad I got to be a part of their big day!

Anyways it after 1am so I guess I should try to go to bed so I will try to be better at blogging I know most of you live for it! O O O, before I forget I finished another book! I am a pretty professional reader these day (HA).... I read "Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea" By Chelsea Handler...TOTALLY hilarious! I want to be her BFF, totally heart her!!!!! It's a must read, iiiiiffff you like midgets/nuggs, swearing and complete disrespect for anyone so you know it's for me! Night

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let the good times roll, in case God doesn't show

Hello people... I have been real shit-a-rific at blogs these days.... sorry I suck. I just feel like I don't have anything to blog about these days and I haven't been as good at jokes either. And you know I live for comedy...

Hmmm... Well I am throwing a shower on Saturday for my friend Tiffles. I HEART her but HATE showers. I especially hate inviting 15 people and 10 not R S V P'ing. I thought that adults did that, buuuut I guess not. I just think that's rude but it will be fun... there are no games so it gets an A in my book for showers.
What else, what else... O! I finished another book. I read The Mermaid Chair by the same other of The Secret Life of Bees. It was really good! I for sure recommend it! I have now moved on to, Are you there Vodka? It's me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler. Ok , I am only 50 or so pages in but Holy hell, she is funny!! Totally crass, totally bitchy and there are lots of swears!!! You guys this book was made for me, because those three things are what I live for! I am not doing so good on my book a month diddy. The only way that that is going to happen is if I get a book that is 4" thick, has 10 pages, and something to feel on each page. So in other words, a book for a toddler who is being occupied at church.
I have been really working on my fitness lately. I have doubled the amount of classes I am doing. And to be honest, I am loving it!! I am in love with body combat, which is like a more up-beat kick boxing. I like to punch things...
SO even though this song is a few minutes old, I've been slightly over playing it in my car. I love it. The lyrics that I love the most is-
"let the good times roll, in case God doesn't show..."
I think this will be my new personal mantra. :)

Well, to be honest I can't come up with any more witty banter for you chippies... so have a great weekend and I will try to be better.... I need topics, so if you read this post me a topic

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well Hello Body...

Yeah... He is mine. How the hell did I land that? This is Jeff right before weigh in's in Boise this last weekend. I didn't get a chance yet to brag up my bad-ass of a husband. He got the gold in his Weight and he got the silver in his skill level. He is pretty much amazing at grappling and I was very impressed when I watched him compete. We had a blast up there. Here are some pictures I took of him at the tournament... enjoy.
PS - I am sure the some of you ladies...and maybe guys :)... (I don't judge) will want to use Jeff as your Desktop background because his body is pretty much amazing.... Listen, I don't blame you. He belongs in a calendar.... a strictly Ginger's with awesome bodies calendar.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Because I'm a Rocket Mannnnnn...

Ah Vegas.... How I love it. Seriously one of the best trips ever!!! Jessica and Jana are pretty much fabulous and we had an absolute blast! Here are some highlights :

*We went to see Criss Angel's Cirque De Soleil Believe. It was good.... but I am pretty sure Criss thinks he is Jesus.. just saying. At the end of the show he pointed out the Perez Hilton was in the audience.... and the proceded to say "Perez is the biggest Douche bag, Ass hole in the whole F'ing world". HAHA totally hilarious and deserved. Perez talks a lot shit on his blog about Mr. Angel. But you better believe the second that show was over, Chub face Perez booked it oughta there. Seriously... booked it out in his bizarre light gray suit. Listen, I talk a lot of shit as does Perez and if you can't handle getting it in return STOP TALKING SHIT! He might want to rethink his profession... maybe he would be good at telemarketing or a door greeter at Sam's.

*We went dancing two nights at the club at Treasure Island (where we stayed). It was Christian Audgier who makes Ed Hardy's club. VERY FUN! We met some crazy ass brit's there. We attract the funniest people... it's our sparkling personalities. I also made friends with a couple of bouncers.. one of which keep calling me Reesey...for Resse Witherspoon which was pretty flattering. For whatever reason I kept calling on bouncer Clubby. He thought it was pretty funny.... Heeeeey Clubby.

* We went to the wax museum and I took a picture with my messiah... Mr. Barack Obama. Also I took a picture of me grabbing Michael Jackson's sick ass nose... I'm odd.

*We layed by the pool and got our tan on. Turns out I am still white.... awesome.

*Got to go to the Elton John's The Red Piano show at Ceasers. OK, seriously BEST.... SHOW... EVER!!!! He is such a legend and a 100% talented! He was fabulous and as it turns out, pretty obsessed with boobs. I mean really, a giant pair of blown up boobs came down at one point. Totally random and totally awesome! Ha! Also, the guy that played Greg Brady was sitting a couple of rows behind us. Turns out nobody besides us recognized him and it made Jess sad. Haha, and no we didn't approach him... we didn't want to be "those" girls. O who am I kidding, we are those girls.

*On the way down we stopped in St. George because someone told me that on Thursday the polygy's were all at Wal Mart so we stopped.... Uh no. TOTAL BUST! Which I was totally upset because everyone knows I have a complete obsession with the polyg's. Silly sister wives....

Anyways, totally fun! This weekend the husband and I are going to the exciting city of Boise for Jeff to compete for Jiu Jitsu. He has been on this crazy ass diet and has lost a ton of weight. So for every 10 pounds he has lost, I have gained 65. Yeah, I think I am up to 350... which is really attractive. All my friends are losing weight too... bitches... I am just jealous because my goal of having a crane take me out of my house is coming a long and at a speedy pace.
You guys, I really don't have a lot to say tonight.... hmmmm, what to say... what to say.... Anybody have any ideas....?
I guess I am done so I will leave you with my favorite Elton John song. He is fabulous and I want to be his bestie and pick out his wild sunglasses...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welch's grape

So since my last blog was a completely humiliating and kinda depressing this should be a little better. Jessica sent me a pretty much awesome email of crazy poodle dye jobs and haircuts. This is the poodle I intend to buy for my parents...since it is incredibly fitting! Welch grapes at it's finest!!!
I am so boring these days... I really don' t have much to say. Who knew that was even possible. However, I am having a fab time with my family in town. I wish they lived closer. I am pretty excited for Trey to move here. He is hilarious you guys....And my parents are pretty much awesome. Biggie did lot of handy man work for me.. THANKS BIG!!! I need to also post a picture of my new awesome turquoise wall in my kitchen and my sweet new glasses to match. Haha, being an adult is so lame hahaha, the things we get excited over... paint and houseware.
So I had a total bitch today at the salon. I love doing people's hair that are white trash. I pretty much live for it. She brought her 5 year old with her, who proceeded to run his remote control car into my feet. Perfect... I really like when people don't discipline their kids... it makes things pretty enjoyable since I love kids. She paid me in cash and I didn't even think to check. Yeah, she totally shorted me... stupid bitch. Sorry Mama and Biggie... but that is totally necessary.

Anyways, that is pretty much it since I need to go rinse the bleach off my teeth before they are transparent... Have an awesome Easter and have some candy.... that is what it's all about right? What's better then a Reese's shaped like an egg.... totally genius !!