Tuesday, December 15, 2009

missed classes = no babies

I was on Facebook, ya know spying (ha) on peoples blog, which I heart doing and it occurred to me how different my life is to most people with in my age range. Now, don't misconstrue what I am saying here, because I love my life, I just find it interesting the place I am in life compared to some people I know. I was looking at some blogs of people I grew up with in TX, CO, and UT and like 90% of people have at least one child. Kids are great for some people, I am just not sure if I am one of those people.
I look at these peoples blogs and they look happy... don't get me wrong... but all I think of is being so strapped down and stressful. Do they look at mine and think my life is irresponsible or 'flighty' because I don't have that? It's interesting how people perceive each other is I guess my point. I talk about my job, which is something I passionately love doing, my incredible husband who each day amazes me with his vast knowledge and always trying to improve, my uh HELLO beyond cute pood's who keep my sane, (Guess that depends on your def. of sane is...). I talk about my trips that I worked hard to save for, and the craziness that is my crew of girls. And other totally random topics like Joe Jackson, Breast Cancer Awareness, nugs.... I just can't help but think that some of these people (if they even read mine) how irresponsible and shallow my life must be with out children.
We are entering in a weird time in our young mid adults years, after most people are married and or serious with someone, then hhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee come all the babies. ...now don't get me wrong,..... I enjoy chippies, really but I also enjoy passing them along.
I was talking to my friend Nat about all the babies, and I feel like I am out of an exclusive club.
Club Crew chats have changed from Girls Night and what to wear.... to...How I have some vomit on my top and Chuck E Cheese. (Which I actually secretly looooovove)

I just missed the class on how to conjure up the emotions to feel maternal, ya know.
Never say never, It is what it is, and I will continue to love and support all 2345 in my life :)


Christie said...

I personally feel kids are not for everyone, especially now that I have one. There are times when I wish I could go out and do things like I did prior to Jack. But, for me, he is worth everything I have to give up. I can't imagine my life without him. I don't think there is anything wrong with you not wanting kids. Do I think you would be a good mom if you did end up having a child -yes. You can see that in the way you are with your poods and your husband. But, I also think it is something that you have to really want, or you might get bitter about the things you have to give up. The nice thing is, you have the choice and I love you whether you give Jack "cousins" or not!

The Brady Bunch said...

There's nothing wrong with not having kids. It is HARD but AMAZING at the same time...but then you have situations like mine lately were I am emotionally drained and frustrated because I want more, but because of one reason or another, I can't have one. (Hopefully that will change.) But the emotional roller coaster that is getting pregnant and having kids can be a bit much at times. Kids aren't for everyone and there's nothing wrong with not wanting kids...you have so much you do and love and I think that's fulfilling too!

Theresa said...

Well first of all I don't blog. But If I did and people were judging they'd say... who's that girl who is eternally single! LOL. Yet at 26 I'm in no rush for marriage or kids (But then again ask me when I turn 27 how I feel... haha). Life has a different path for everyone :)

Shaun said...

You must also think of all of your friends who purposely got pregnant as opposed to those who accidentally got pregnant. I would bet that the majority of them accidentally got pregnant.

mamasteph said...

Katchie, Katchie, Katchie! :) I love that you wrote this and don't really remember doing so. It's actually quite impressive! I was thinking gibberish when you told me you did it in your sleep! ;) I also think that when the time comes, if you decide to be a mom, that you will be excellent. You have to make that decision for yourself, and not let any of us pressure you into it. I see how you act with my children, and know that while it's easier to hand them back at the end of the day, that you can handle anything that comes your way!!! You are a strong woman and we love you whether you ever decide to have kids or not! Though cousin pictures might be kind of funny with kids AND poodles! :) We do love those poodle boys!

The Bombic said...

I think you're fabulous and I agree - we all have to make our own choices and deal with the consequences however it turns out. Good for you for thinking of what you really want. And the poods couldn't ask for a better Mom. :) Love you sis!

Katie said...

I don't want babies either! We can be childless (and fabulous) together!

Jessica said...

Listen. Once I asked my mom this same question: "Is it wierd that when I hold other peoples babies I don't get this urge to have a baby of my own?" She said, no, not to worry she never felt that way and she ended up having kids. And then I was like, oh god. I better not have any!!!

I do know what you mean about it being wierd. I love all our driends kids and think they are adorable. It is strange to think the majority of people we went to school with have kids. But think of yourself being in a different type of exclusive club where we get to talk about going on trips, trashy reality tv shows, party times and other adult type shenanigans! We can be co-presidents.