Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things that make ya go hmmmm....

So, as it turns out I really don't have much to say anymore. What the hell happened to me, because I really do enjoy blogging???? Well I am going to make this one kick a blog, ...well I'll try.

First things first, Everyone knows how much I despise Vegas :) So I was drug down there for over Halloween shenanigans. It was a blasty blast! This trip we stayed at the Luxor... hoping to catch a glimpse of Criss Angel Mind Freaking someone. No such luck. Jess and I drove down and Jana met us there, because she had to fly in from Reno. Even though we didn't stay at the same hotel, we met up with my friend and old roomie from the "tame" Disney days, Theresa, her sister, their friend Heather who turns out it pocket size, .... and two other people that we never saw, they just stayed in the room, LAME! We went dancing all 3 nights and had an absolute blast!! Just a little FYI for anyone trying to get into L A X at the Luxor. What.a.joke. On Halloween we waited FOREVER, and then Jana and some dude in line had words.... and as he walked past me, I threw my ice water on his feet. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA Don't worry he didn't know it was me. Moral of the story line standers = DON'T BE A DOUCHER! Halloween was crazy there.... I mean people were literally wearing the most scandalise, risque and repulsive costumes. A girl was walking around in booty shorts (so pretty much underpants) a white fur shrug, bunny ears and PASTIES! Quit it, you can't make that shit up! Who does that, o right whores.

Now I must say this was a very educational PG trip for us (minus the fact that we were in Vegas with people 1/2 dressed for Halloween shenanigans) . We went to a Titanic Artifact Exhibit, a Body Worlds exhibit focusing on nerves and the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay. Then we went to Broadways production of The Lion King. See Biggie and Mama... PG. mmmmm, at least during the day time. Hahaha kidding . Both of the exhibits were reallt interesting, actually.
Here, enjoy some picture:

This we had a fabulous time!! If ya can't tell. The foot picture is us standing over the shark reef... we weren't just admiring our toesies. :)
OK, now on a business note, the holidays are coming up... & we all know that means we procrastinate.... So make sure to make your appts. for between now & New Years slightly in advance. Holiday season = Mad house in my boothe b/c, lets be honest I pretty much rock! **Side Note** A big THANKS to all my friends and clients for taking part in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month's specials. I have 3 ponytails to donate and there are a dozen+ clients and friends walking around with PINK in there hair! I will be doing something similar in February for Ovarian Cancer Month, so keep your eye's peeled.
Hmmm , what else. There are a few things bothering me these days. I would just like to know how some people end up with ZERO tact, awareness for other people and the ability to pat themselves on the back for their friendship or lack of to someone. Interesting to me is all, we are all raised differently but aren't some things just social skills? Also what's with peoples status updates on Facebook.... if you feel the need to brag ab things on a freaking social network, there probably NOT true. Just saying. Or hidden agenda "forward" emails... really? OK that's all I will bitch about for now.
O wait one more thing, Jeff gave me his black spot. It's called Impetigo.... pretty much I look like I have leprosy with all these sores on my face. Not only does it feel good but it looks aawweessoooomme. Well, the silver lining is my limbs wont fall off from leprosy since that's not my diagnosis. haha


The Brady Bunch said...

Love to have Katchie updates! Good thing you despise Vegas so much, otherwise you might keep having AWESOME trips down there!! Love your costume!

mamasteph said...

Sorry you caught the black spot! That stinks! I'm super impressed at your PG day time outings in Vegas! Way to go! And I know you are totally talking about me bragging on facebook ;) I do have a lot to brag about you know! I'll try to tame it down a little! :)

Trey said...

Chea sister. Good blog. No swears though? Strange.

Katie said...

LOVE the black dress that you are wearing in that first pic... and you look gorg in it. Miss your face!