Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turns out blue is a perfect color for Voo Doo Dolls

Well, I haven't blogged in a minute and I can't sleep so I decided it was time. Not a whole lot has been going on with me that is exciting. I freaking can't believe its already more then half way through September and the weather is changing.... Uh hi, I went outside this morning to let out the dogs and I could see my breath. Ok I totally just lied right then but, HELLO I hate the cold. BOOO. I guess the good thing is that this means that the holidays will be here before we know it. And I do quite enjoy me some holiday festivites. Really any reason to party, socialize and get all dressed up is good in my book.
So I was doing some blog stocking of people that I know, then found links on their's to other peoples blogs and so on and so on...(Most people wouldn't admit they do this but, whatever everybody does...)and so I was reading through them and it occuried to me... my blog is TOTALLY differnt, as far as what I blog about goes. People are posting about their kids, their activites via it be school or church and their spouses. Now me... I have to be different... always different. I freaking blog about Vegas, Poodles, Midgets and controversial things that I probably have my Dad shocking his head. I feel like maybe I missed a blogging class and I am some random terrets case that blogs about random shit. Oh well I guess... if I wasn't being shocking or shouting swears, people wouldn't know how to handle me... Also, it was kinda fun to see a few new people have commented on my blog that I didn't know read it. Watch out people, I am getting real popular.
Today at the salon I had a refferal client who's hair I was doing for the very first time. Well, we all know that I am awesome, not just at life but hair also... and I could tell she was a little nervous when she first came in, which I totally get. I mean it is nerve wrecking to be new in town, go to someone brand new for hair... I mean I KNOW I am fabulous, all I had to do was prove myself. Well as usual, I rocked and she told me that this was the best hair color she has ever had in her entire life (she's probably about 50). So that was a nice ego boost for me. Speaking of hair, I am just putting this out their for people interested... During the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am running a couple of specials:
1st ~ Anyone getting a haircut for LOCKS OF LOVE, I am giving them 50% off their haircut, making it about $10.
and 2nd ~ If you add PINK to your color service (even if its one strand) I will give you 25% off your color.

I wanted to do this last year but for some reason I spaced it completely (Shocking right). So anybody interested... let me know.
Hmmm, what else what else... O!!! I almost forgot!!! My fabulous friend Katie got me the BEST GIFT EVER in New Orleans. A freaking Voo Doo Doll!!! Listen, I haven't been so excited about a doll in a couple of decades!!! And I am so not kidding! It came with a needle to poke it with and everything!!! It has wild blue hair and is awesome, If I knew where my damn camera was I would take a picture. I have big plans for this doll, BIG PLANS! So I am just saying watch out... things are about to get real, real interesting. :)


mamasteph said...

I've always said you were an amazing hairdresser! And I also think you are awesome at life! :) The voo doo doll sounds.....um....interesting! Here's to hoping you don't use it on me! ;)

The Brady Bunch said...

You blog is the BEST! I love all that you have to write about, even your swears ha JK. Maybe all those other people (including me) have nothing interesting to talk about. Again, just kidding. Keep up the random opinionated posts, they're my fav!

Anonymous said...

I say we still need to go have a visit with one of the card readers at Rainbow gardens and make them official! Or we could look in the yellow pages and see if we have any local 'New Orleans black majic specialist' Who knows there may be a market for it.

Trey said...

don't use that doll on me

Christie said...

I love your blog, never stop. You give me quite the chuckle.

Fare Bear said...

I totally love the way you blog:) LOVE IT! And I want to see the voo doo doll of yours. I'm nervous, but still strangely intrigued!