Friday, April 25, 2008

Sensual Seduction in Las Vegas

I am watching Snoop's new video on YouTube right now... Snoop means some business in his new song Sensual Seduction... Watch that S, it's totally 70's ok!

We went to Vegas people and had a fabulous time... We freakin' saw a street called Ogden Ave.
Pretty professional if you ask me...
We had fun and only bet $2 on penny machines... Mama and Biggie said I could only gamble, but after $2 I was bored. Gambling is for the birds... here are some photo's.
Don't mind my fat arms and ugly shirt in the second picture, I honestly thought I looked ok for the day.. but turns out somebody lied to me! I for sure looked cuter that night. Don't be jealous we are pretty good looking.... it's cool.

Surgery is next Wednesday. I might die... so if I do, please don't let my shaved spot on my head show in my casket thanks! BOOO for shaving part of my head for surgery, I hope I don't have a Britney moment.
Speaking of Britney... that girl really has her S together these days! Good for her.... I haven't heard much about Amy Wino either, maybe she went to rehab again. However I did see a picture of her holding a baby and taking a shot of booze. Don't hate, she is a 100% legit babysitter, she can teach your kids Body shots and how to shot meth... The kids have to learn it somewhere. Her babysitting requirements are just salt, a lime and a a clean needle... hell not ever a clean one, just any old rusty needle should do.

What else.... O I had my first full week at the salon this week and it was SO nice! I love doing hair! I really do...
AND I became a Vegetarian as of Monday this week... I have been thinking about it and I don't like eating food that once had a face. I just want to hug an animal, not eat them. I have really thought about this you guys and it has been hard BUT I feel it is worth it and I feel better when my dogs and I have talks, because now I can tell them I don't eat animals anymore. But lets be honest... I love meat I mean I grew up in TX for crying out loud, this venture might be short lived. We shall see!
Ok that's it, this blog isn't as good as my usual and I feel like it's boring, SO I will stop boring us both! Have a great weekend!



mamasteph said...

You are one funny girl! I'm glad you had fun in Vegas, though Memphis would have been better! ;) Vegetarian, huh? I couldn't do it--so best of luck sister! Sure do love and miss you!

Hair Goddess said...

Dear Steph... You weren't even in Memphis!
Love, Katch

mamasteph said...

We could still work something out! ;)


Hey a roll of nickels just like us 30 years ago! Only cheaper, way to go;)
I am glad you got to relax together. I am thinking of you always. You look Amazing, oh right you are amazing.