Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's late and a list seemed like a good idea :)

I can't believe that Bubba has been gone a year.... that went by fast!! I miss him so much!! This next year better fly by! He is such an amazing guy and has really been a big brother to me and a great friend! But I know he is doing something that he loves and that is important him so I guess I'll shut up. Well at least about that... :)

Well people, on Saturday morning I will be making my tri-annual homage to Vegas. I am pretty excited.... I actually stopped typing to dream about nudey men shows, the chimes of slot machines, and the "fresh" Vegas air!

So, on facebook I made a list of random things about myself, I kinda have fun making a list so I am going to do another because well, I can't sleep people and I have nothing to do and the pood's don't want to whatever I'm lame I know.

*Marshmallows have recently become a favorite snack of mine... and the pood's
*I am notorious for buying clothes on sale and never wearing them... ever.
*If I had bigger balls, I would love to get a sleeve tattoo.
*I hate when people don't say bye on the phone and just hang up
*I don't think it's fair that some people never have to exercise or diet and have kick ass bodies. I actually hate people like that ha
*I am always playing with my hair... always checking for 1 of 234545 split ends
*I love summer and ride with the windows down
*I love to do the classes at Golds Gym, I do 3 a week with Jess, Katie and Celina
*I feel it is unfair the way people treat me and the things they feel like the can say to me when they find out I don't want kids... I actually had people say the following things to me :
-That's the saddest thing I have ever heard! (- Really? No...really?)
-What are you going to do when you get old? (- Are kids a retirement plan?)
-How do you think that makes people feel that want kids? (-I can't control that or their feelings, I'm not being malicious)
-How is that fair for your family? (-Uh What?)
-Isn't that a little selfish? (-Actually, I think its the exact opposite)

*Sometimes I get off on tangents... ha
*I actually enjoy math... not like X+Y>Z(a-b), like everyday math, book keeping stuff
*My 2 "big" little brothers are the greatest guys in the world
*My sisters and I are all very different but fabulous in each of our own ways and each a best friend of mine
*I like to swear... and I don't care what people think
*Private blogs I think are a joke... your not Jennifer Aniston!
*I have a weird fashion sense, not sure if that is a good or a bad thing
*I heart history
*People are intimidated by me... not sure why
*Just because a relative sends you a friend request doesn't mean I have to accept. GET THE HINT ALREADY!
*People that don't use professional hair products, make me nervous
*I am opinionated, and I am not afraid to express my thoughts.
*Scoot and Troy filled holes in my heart that I didn't think could be filled
*I have the worlds greatest friends. They look out for me, because I tend to put others needs before my own
*I like to give people gifts
*Jeff makes me laugh on a daily basis... he is my world and I feel so lucky to have found someone to love me unconditionally and my family.
*I love when there is a reason to party or celebrate!!
*I'm kind of a big deal :)

WOW this list was way longer then I thought it would be... oops haha. Anyways, hope this didn't bore anyone... I need some better material. geeeeez. I like to know who reads my blogs so comment away :)


Anonymous said...

I love your "I don't want kids list." Mine's similar too but I guess with girl, the reaction is stronger. Such a shame!

Trey said...

Sis, after reading those things about you I realize we're more alike then I thought. Well, except I want kids... :) Hope to see you soon sista, love ya.

Biggie T said...

Please don't even think about a sleeve tat - you're beautiful the way you are. For what's it's worth we didn't want to have kids when we got married either and now can't imagine live without our family! Love ya.

Celina said...

Katchie I heart you!!! Reading your blog makes my day! Have a great time in Vegas. See the cats. DO IT

mamasteph said...

HaHaHaHa!!! Oh, some things on this list REALLY made me laugh! You are too funny! I think your fashion sense is awesome and I'm glad we can be best friends as well as sisters! you are awesome! I really enjoyed this!

browneyedgirl said...

I can't believe people say things like that to you! I love how honest you are... some people need to learn to appreaciate that a little more! Love you sister!

The Brady Bunch said...

Have a blast in Vegas!! Wish I could come with you guys :(

Mrs. Ventura said...

You are silly and for sure funny. I love to read your blogs!

M {3 said...

What beautiful faces in that top pic! You are a funny girl that I love a ton. At least you didn't say anything bad about parents so we won't feel bad you didn't mention us;) hahaha