Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What about us

One of the things I would like to do this year is be a better humanitarian. Ya know, not just say I care about the Earth and animals but actually do something about it. A found out a friend of mine volunteers at the Zoo, which I would love to do. If I can take it (emotionally), I would also love to volunteer at the animal shelter. I was pretty good about recycling last year but there is always room for improvement. I need to be better about the water I waste, and the electricity that I waste. I need to start finding things to do in the community also that I can do. I live in a beautiful place, and there are things that I can always to do preserve that.
As cliche as it sounds, we have this one planet and if we don't start to do something, our generation will not be able to enjoy it in a few decades like we should. I posted this video, because first off it's no news that I love MJ... but also say what you want about him, but at the end of the day he was a great humanitarian. Uh hello, Heal the World... we just need a few band-aids :) (That's for you sisters )

To get involved with Earth Day this year, here is the web site :


mamasteph said...

LOL! I agree! I think you would do great at volunteering somewhere like the zoo or an animal shelter! You have so much compassion for animals, you would probably be their greatest advocate! We could all try a little harder to heal our world, that's for sure!!!

The Brady Bunch said...

You're my inspiration Katchie!!

Trey said...

nice blog keech!