Friday, October 29, 2010

Anyone, Anyone???

Remember when I used to have stuff to say and actually blog? Oh yeah, me either. Well since I don't think I have blogged since May or June... here is a cliff notes of my life the last 10 months :

1- Mary Rose and Brent got married at the beginning of the summer and the next day baby brother Trey left for Africa. Happy and then sad... lots of laughs and LOTS of tears. Glad to have B in the fam, but I miss T

2- Nothing happened.

3- Then I turned 26, which was uneventful. No theme party this year, it kind of snuck up this year. OH OH OH, and Wireless internet for my laptop from Mama and Big... which I can't seem to get the hang of. Don't ask.

4- The end of July, beginning of August... Jeff, Mace, Mexican Jess, Celina Sue, Mark and I went to Cabo San Lucas. (AFTER ALMOSTA YEAR AND A HALF OF PLANNING) Had such a good, very needed vacation! I am ready to retire and just travel full time. Sans freaking cus
toms though.... hey border control, I am not smuggling a bomb, cocaine or a parrot into the country, speed it up fool.

5- Came back to work with a VERY, VERRYY full book of clients, New
and pre existing... which is awesome, and tiring! Kinda of like a class at the gym, with less sweating and more hair spray.

6- The Welch siblings went to Memphis to surprise Mama for her birthday. Which we TOTALLY pulled off, nice job Big keeping a secret. Had an absolute blast, hasn't been just the siblings (plus Val, + chippies) in such a long time. We are a fun group just in case you didn't know....PLUS the parents have a new house in TN with a pool. Sure once they are empty nester's, then they get a pool.

7- One of my close friends got married, whose wedding I was in. Wedding was beautiful, reception was a blast and she married a great guy! Love you Katie and Greg!!

8-I haven't cut my hair. Or dyed it back blonde....

9-The children, who run my life, Scoot and Troy are good. And as ADORABLE as ever. Their Halloween costumes are Troy=Blowfish, and Scoot=Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Oh, also... they are adorable.
10- I think all around, I am ok. Lots of Highs, with very few lows, which is nice, but if you know me then you know this time of year is a little hard for me. Almost 20 years has passed since I was sick, but around Halloween, I always have a moment. But with the past few months being so busy, who really has time to be down....

I will try to be better about blogging, if anyone even still reads this... if you do still read it, let me know lol....and I will be updating my beauty blog soon.... PROMISE, that was big thing and then I fell off. Apologies



Christie said...

I read your blogs!!! Loves you!

mamasteph said...

So glad you are back to blogging! I read as well! :) I'm glad you are having lots of highs and not so many lows! You deserve to be happy! Love the costumes by the way!

Shelley Patterson said...

Those costumes are so awesome! I was thinking about coming to see you on Halloween with the kiddos, but we started just as it started pouring, so we didn't really get out much to do ANY trick or treating. I'm glad you are doing so well- you are so awesome!

Brent and Mary Rose said...

Yay for blogging! I am feeling motivated to do the same :) Love you sister!!

Biggie T said...

I read your blogs too. I didn't even need to shake my head on this one - way to go! Luv ya!