Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I don't care if my teeth blind you...

Ok I have a few problems... Well more than a few, but lets start with the ones that are posing a problem this week ok.

Problem # 1 : I can't stop bleaching my teeth, easy to slove right? Stop doing it... Ok but I am an addict and it's NOT THAT EASY!!! Seriously, Y'all my teeth freakin' hurt.

Problem #2 : Online shopping...so much of a problem Jess and I have created a blog about it. I just bought 3 pairs of work out pants and a dress for Lainey bug. All on clearance but STILL, why the hell do I do it?

Problem #3 : Why do good oppurtunities come around when you can't have them? Jeff and I SOOOO very badly wanted to go to Collective Soul in Wendover but it was sold out. Then a lady at the salon can't go so offered to sell me her REALLY GOOD tickets but they are too much money.... Grrrr.

Problem #4 : I am madly in love with looking at dogs, but then it breaks my heart to see people selling their family dog of 3+ years because they don't want, have time or have too many kids for. Ok listen, I don't want to get on a soap box but my dogs are like my children... I don't care if I have 47 kids, I am not giving away my poodle boys. They are living breathing animals that deserve love too.... It pisses me off really, when they write on their add "... We hate to give her away but I am 235 kids and am moving to an apartment where I can't have a dog BLAH BLAH BLAH..." Don't say you love your dog because you don't ok! Listen there are exceptions to everything so no one get their feel-bads hurt I am just saying, it pisses me off...

Problem #5 : I can't get blog motivated, what the hell?

Ok enough about that shiiiit, for anyone that doesn't know my hair is DARK! Not black but it is like a level 5 - 6. For those of you that don't know hair lingo, that is about a med. brown. It's pretty professional seeing how I did it myself... I look hot ok! P S Stop judging me I am a professional!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWS, Jeff and I are going to Vegas April 18 - 20 ! ! ! ! ! I am real REAL excited ok! I love me some Vegas!

Well That is all I really have to say for now, so My painful white teeth and I are going to get back to shopping online!!


The Bombic said...

You are too hysterical lady. I'm the opposite on the teeth thing - I bought a 10-day pack and I've only used 3 strips. 30 minutes with that crap on my teeth seems like for-ev-er(like how it's said on The Sandlot).
And that's very exciting about Vegas! You'll have to take me and show me around sometime. Love ya sister!

P.S. My dog is like my child too.

mamasteph said...

First of all...Vegas, really? How about Memphis instead? Secondly, at least we kept our dog in the family, right? ;) I'm sad you aren't blog motivated, they always make me laugh! I hope your teeth start to feel better soon! Stop the whitening! :)

mamasteph said...

Another thought here.....post pictures of your hair please! I want to see!

Jessica said...

I think you need some of that sups sensitive toothpaste. You know the one you always see on commercials during The Price Is Right. I think it might be for seniors, but you could still use it! ha ha. I love it. Also online shopping really floats my boat. I think mostly because I like getting packages. Don't ever stop!

Janalu said...

Thanks for inviting me to the blog. I hope I can bring it to the next level with my bargin maddness! I'll try not to disapoint you.