Monday, February 16, 2009

Intervention = Awesome at life

These are what Jeff gave me for Valentine's day. When I went to turn off my alarm Saturday morning, they were sitting in front of my alarm clock. It was pretty sweet. They are very pretty colors. I am a very lucky girl. :)

Anyways, nothing really exciting has happened. We did have a surprise party for Mary Rose no Friday. Thank you for everyone that helped and came! I know it meant a lot to Mary Rose too. We had a blast, you are all the best, we have amazing friends. It was a pretty good time and I am just saying I am a terrific bowler. Haha Yeah not really. I don't think I even cleared 75.

Hmmmmm, what else what else.... I am pretty much over the snow in a big way. Even though I love my rain boots, I am getting pretty damn sick and tired of wearing them. I am also sick of mopping up the dried up salt from our shoes. I am not a domestic goddess by any stretch. However I did make Jeff a pretty kick ass white sauce lasagna from scratch for Valentines! You guys I freaking rocked that lasagna. Even made it with a homemade alfredo sauce.. courtesy of Mama Christie. Jeff wrote a pretty cute blog about it. I am pretty awesome.

SO I have a new favorite show... Intervention on A & E. I mean it's good that these people can get help for their addictions but GOOD LORD they are messed up. They make me never, ever want to even take an Advil I am so scared of addiction. There was one girl that looked like she had a neck full of some classy hickeys but OH NO, she shots up heroin in her neck! Um, hi when I saw that I about passed out! Also, if you find it necessary to give out sexual favors for a pain patch or booze, you might need to be shanked. Geeeeez, these people make me feel awesome at life. I mean the fact that I don't have 4 1/2 inch roots, wearing a chocker and 2 size to small tank top like half of these chippies is enough.

Also.... On behalf of my friends Katie and Julie... I did not know who Lady Gaga was or what she did or sang but once I found out, I do like that song. On the other hand... her fashion sense, I feel as if she is taking tips from the girls on Intervention, just saying :)

That's all... have a good week and wish me luck on Wednesday !


TheKillerJ said...

Good ol' Intervention. Nothing like sitting at home with my wife at night laughing at another person's plight.

Watching somebody shudder in artless agony as they detox is good T.V.!

Celina said...

Dude, I freggin LOVE Intervention!! I watch every Monday before The City. Pretty sure Katie is like 'Oh Lord, not this crap again!' But I loves it!! It also makes me feel a little better about my issues. Cause I can always say, 'At least Im not shooting up heroin using toilet water from a public bathroom.' Seriously that happened on the show.

mamasteph said...

LOL on Jeff's comment! I've never seen the show--maybe I'll have to check it out! I'm glad you blogged--you don't do it nearly enough! I miss knowing what's going on in your life!

Trey said...

very nice-pedgi

M {3 said...

You are now added to my official list of chef's to cook at our family gatherings. I know your table looked are after all very 'professional'. :D

Janalu said...

I love it when they have the drunks on!