Monday, June 16, 2008

I am home, and someone should sew Katherine Hiegls mouth shut

I am home from Vegas....
Here are some highlights
1. We rolled V I P style to TAO at the Venetian where we danced until 2am. We looked fabulous by the way. Some biotch stepped on my toe with some killer high heels (leaving a quarter size blood stain on my shoes) and now I am pretty sure my toenail will fall off, and possibly contracted Hepatitis A, B and C.
2. The Platinum is freakin' sweet and we laid by the pool like real professionals.
3. I may have possibly learned how to use an IPOD on the this trip.
4. The NEW YORK NEW YORK ride is awesome... if you want shaking baby syndrome. Note to self: Not the best idea if you have just had jaw surgery....oops
5. I have the best girlfriends a girl could ask for.
6. I am really good at dancing, in case you didn't know already.
7. Margarita-ville has great coconut shrimp.
8. "My name is Johnny Vegas"... - guy on the street
"That's not his real name..." - Jess aka Susie Vegas
9. "Look, that guy is dressed like a Midget.." - Jess HAHAHHAHA How do you dress up like a midget??
Here is a picture of my girls at Margarita Ville :
I am listening to Britney Spears' "CRAZY"... its an oldie but makes you want to bust out a dance move... here is the link for youtube... CLICKS IT!
Well, Jeff is headed home from his big Bonnaroo experience. Turns out they couldn't stomach another bus ride (HAHA) so they are renting a car from Nashville and are driving straight home, which he said is about a 24 hour drive. Let me tell you why this is hilarious... because who in their ride mind would think a damn 45 hour greyhound bus ride ever sounded appealing. Not the quickest those ones :) I miss him lots, so I am pretty excited that they are going to be home sooner then Wednesday. He will be home about 1pm tomorrow.
How about Katherine Hiegl turning down her nomination for an Emmy? What a bitch... No good matter my ass... someone should remove the perma-smoke from her grubby mits and sew her ugly mouth shut. What an idiot... I hate her, she is a real piece of work. Yuck!
Hmmm, what else.... nothing really I guess. I have to keep explaining to the pood's that they don't come from a broken home... they miss their Dad.
I am boring tonight so that's really all I have to say.... Nights !


mamasteph said...

First of all, in response to number one....sick! I really hope you don't catch anything! :) I'm glad you had such a good time! Now no more trips till you come to see me, k! And lol on Jeff and friends. I didn't think the greyhound sounded appealing at all either! Love ya sis!

browneyedgirl said...

You looked beautiful! Next time I am coming for sure ;) But of course that will be after our trip to Memphis!

Jessica said...

10. We could moonlight as a plumbing team


As I sit here trying to hold down the giggles about the bus ride change of plans, I must tell you Biggie lost a toenail from a basketball game...and well you've seen it. LOL I sure think you are amazing:)

The Bombic said...

Sounds like you were pretty professional Keech. Wish I could have gone. Send my love to the poods and see you in Memphis. :)