Sunday, December 7, 2008

WAY TO GO AVEO! & sings it Beyonce!

I haven't been a very good blogger you guys sorry.
You guys some stupid d bag rear-ended me last week. But don't you worry... the Aveo took it like a champ! Just scratches along the bummer. Her forester on the other hand... all head lights broke and smashed in bummers. Even though she hit me... the Aveo kicked that cars ass! Nice job Chevy on making a durable small car... Nice job.
Hmmmmm, what else, what else.... Thanksgiving was good. Made some pies, they were quite delish. The apple pie on the other hand.... SHOOOOOOT spilled half of it in the oven. And we wont mention the lake of sugar in Jess's apple pie... HAHAHA that was the most fun I have ever had baking in my life!
I have the Wife Swap on behind me, (because I don't feel like getting up and changing the channel) and it is the some real stupid garbage. Sorry if you watch this trash but what the hell is the point? Right now a kid is yelling at the "mom" for believing in Jesus, and being a "stupid, ignorant American".... Hmmmm, I think if you are a teen age boy with hair to your waste, nasty red sideburns to your chin (always hideous people... ALWAYS!) and a dagger necklace, you probably should lay off the advice and lectures unless you are conducting a dungeons and dragons meeting.
I am real proud people, I have all my Christmas shopping done! I already gave two of my friends their gifts because I was so excited!! I like to give people things ok.
Good news Scoot just did number 1 all over the floor. IDIOT! Listen I don't believe in abuse but I gave him a couple of swats... What the hell was he thinking! He went out an hour ago... geeeez the pood's are killing me! He's probably rebelling since we are leaving them in the kennel for a week at Christmas.
My friend burned me the new PINK cd... it is quite good! BUYS IT! I need to get Britney's new one. I am LOVING her "comeback". I'll tell you what else I love... Marley and Me so far! I want to finish the book before the movie comes out, because everyone knows that my number one girl crush is Jennifer Aniston! Close second is SJP. You guys I totally read something about them making a sequel to SATC!! I think my heart stopped for a hot minute! LOVES IT! I am also digging Beyonce's newish song "Single Ladies"... clicks it! (thanks Jess and Tiffles for showing me it!)

This blog is pathetic, sorry.... I am losing my touch. I need topics people, comment and post something for me to rant about :) Sorry I suck! I have had a few new comments from people that read my blog that I didn't know read it... I am getting so popular lol I love that I have so many readers. Maybe I should make it a career.. but I have to stop sucking first.


mamasteph said...

First of all, you don't suck! Secondly, kudos to the Aveo--I always knew I liked that car! :) Way to go on finishing your Christmas shopping! You rock! I also like Beyonce's newish single---very catchy (or should I say Katchie?) Kidding, only kidding! Love ya sister!

Katie said...

Look katch-I just barely downloaded britney's cd on the itunes so I'll totally make you a copy.
Beyonce performed on some award show the other night and she did a dance quite similar to one Celina and I saw you do at the outlaw.
Marley and me is the best! We should all go see it together and sob.

Jessica said...

Beyonce runs my life and I'm ok with that.

Biggie T said...

I'm glad you didn't get hurt and a bit surprised the Aveo kicked some butt. You're lucky that you didn't get whiplash. Your pies sound good - you can help mom make some more pies when you're out here.

Trey said...

sarah jessica parker is nasty.. sad i knew that was what sjp meant.. and satc also.. but beyonce is fabtastic.. blog about football of course sis.. onium.. similar to onion

M {3 said...

Sounds like that car is as strong as you! Remember how amazing you are and I am soooo excited to see you!!