Friday, May 30, 2008

And I am living in a sensored world, ... and I am just a swearing girl

... Ok Listen.... Now, when I titled this blog, Listen I have stuff to say... I imagined posting more blogs like the blog I am about to write, but lets face it... I am pretty damn funny and pretty much have adult ADD so I go off on little rants.
I was thinking the other day... Is honestly really the best policy? And yes, I know that you should always be honest, don't lie but in certain situations do people really want to know the truth? Certain situations like:

Do I look Fat?
Do I look like that guy from SpaceBalls...? :)
Is my hair ugly?
Does this scrunchy go with this? (ALWAYS NO, it's not 1993)
Am I a good employee?
Am I a good person... friend...colleague ?

Now, with me... like it or not, I will always tell you the truth... Curse, Blessing. When I was talking to my mama the other day, I was telling her I don't sensor myself around her or any of my family because that way they know they are always getting the real me... Whether I they get me on a bad day and shit is all I have to say or a good day when I can get by with only a few swears... Now I am not saying that just because I swear, that you should assume that I always honest... But isn't it better that I am not lying about who I am to you? Because then if you know that I am always forth-right with you about my personality, and who I am on a day to day basis, isn't it easier to know that when you want an answer or an opinion, that you can expect the same. Does that even make sense ? Well I think You know what I am saying... With my non-sensorship, it is me showing you that I can be my true honest self, Love it...loathe it... Let's be 100% honest here, I don't care if you like it. It's who I am damn it, and if you don't like it, know one is forcing you to read my blogs. Not that I am really sure that, that many people actually do.. but it is a good outlet for me. Because, sometimes I don't feel like people want to actually HEAR what I have to say, or the truth for that this way I can write it.
Well enough of that shit....
Ok, so I freakin' sitting here current time is 10:52 am, waiting for this stupid ass plumber who was supposed to be here at 10am. It's cool, when at 10:45, I called this 88 year old answered and was very helpful with the comment ..."O, its already Friday May 30th?"
S H * T... very promising answer I am thinking. It's fine, he said he would call me back in a minute and that was almost 15 minutes ago.
On an extremely lighter note, SEX AND THE CITY came out today!!!!! Jeff is taking me tonight to see it... its cool I gots me a pretty professional SATC shirt to wear! I don't think I have ever been this excited! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited people!!!!!!!
Also, I am in love with PINK, I listened to her CD all the home from SLC last night, and Me loves her! Not in a lesbian way, however... she may be one wolve t-shirt and a large Chevy truck away from being one... Still, I am obsessed with her CD... STILL!

Well, that is all I am have to say.... Have a great weekend people!


mamasteph said...

Katchie you are too funny. We do love you for you are, you silly girl. Sometimes we just have to sensor you a bit for the kiddos! :) And I love the second question, and the picture! I hope I never have to ask it! :) So, was the movie everything you hoped for and more?

Jessica said...

I think it depends on which guy from Spaceballs ? I mean the dog wasn'tbad looking. Kind of cuddly.

Trey said...

John Candy I believe Jessica? Katchie you are funny but this is a material world.. and I am a material girl.. or guy.. I thought I would put that because it's from a movie and I was thinking about it. But, anyways you are funny and I will see you and your ripped, inteligent, sexy, strong, ginger, republican husband soon....