Monday, May 12, 2008

I need to be medicated until Sex & the City comes out...

I really love sideburns... mine are growing quite nicely haha...Right, I will just keep telling myself that. Here are the chops progress...

Pretty sweet right... The pictures are of the pood's to show their progress of their hair growth since the massacre at PetsMart last month... what a damn joke. Anyways, they pictures are of the pood's and I rockin' out to some G-n-R. For those of you that are rock - retarded, that is Guns and Roses... Thanks.
Anywho, I would like to give a shout out to my Mama! Thanks Mama, I love ya and thanks again for everything this last week!
Let's see... I have been slammed the last few days at the salon (Thank Goodness!) I am loving being there full time.
What else... I feel like my life has been boring lately. Currently the pood's are playing tag while I types up this blog and am watch/listening to Fools Rush In. If you haven't seen it, rent that shit right now. It is one of my very favorite movies!!!

Selma Hayek is freaking gorgeous, I'm pretty pissed about it.
Ok Now listen, this is really important, Sex and the City comes out in 18 days!!! They keep showing the trailer on TV and I am getting so anxious I can't even stand it. I may need to take medication to calm me down. Seriously people I LOVE THAT SHOW, Do you understand?
Well that's all I have to say for now I guess... Have a great tuesday!



Hey when you think of your special ears haircut just look at how cute the poodle boys are growing out! I am amazed at how well you have done since surgery. You are AMAZING!

mamasteph said...

I personally think you are beautiful with sideburns, or without! The poodle boys are looking good too! I'm glad you are so busy at work--you are a great hairdresser! I wish I could fly out there every six weeks so you could do mine! :) I love and miss you tons sis!