Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am turning into Martha Stewart.. Ok not really

Listen, I freakin' planted some flowers over the weekend... no guarantee's on if they will live or die but they look pretty professional. Seriously people, I amaze myself. Here are a couple of photo's :

I planted red and white Columbines, Pansies and a plant and a flower that I don't know the names of. All I know is they like shade. We also put down cobble stone which I love. We had an extra block so I put it on the deck and put my potted plants (From Mama and Grandma) on it. I think it looks pretty good... Just saying. Ok, now I shouldn't be admitting this but I totally got taken at freakin' Lowe's. So I went there this past weekend to pick up a few more pieces of cobblestone and some floors, and they have signs around saying 6 pack for $X.XX ( different prices for each, ranging from like $1.98 +)... So I thought well this is a good deal, so I picked out 3 different ones... O no, by six pack they mean one of those dinky little things with 6 single flowers... which apparently I am not smart enough to know, because by that sign they had six of those little dinky things in a flat (thinking that was the 6 pack). Well, I get up to check out ( after waiting in the Damn heat for 25 minutes), and the weird cashier with a band-aid on her noses, tells me $70. I am pretty sure that I almost passed out... because I had like 18 dinky 6 packs. The moral of the story is, take someone with you that knows what they are doing! Freak, I am still pissed about it! These damn flowers better sprout clothes or something at the price! HELL!
My side burns are looking real shit-a-rific but whatevs ... This picture isn't very good but if you look closely you can see a line on the side of my ear, which is my scar. He did a fabulous job, all things considered. I am being serious though, He really did! Thanks for the nice scar and the side burns Dr. Austin, Thanks!

Ok now listen, this is the poodles the other morning while I was getting ready! It's pretty damn cute if you ask me! THEY ARE SO FREAKING CUTE I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT!!!! Ahhh, Poooooooodle Boys!

Sex and the City comes out in 10 days! You can't see me right now, but I am grinning ear to ear jumping up and down.... I am so excited I could puke.... but I wont... but I could.
Listen, that is all I have to say b/c I am Real, REAL tired people, sorry for not blogging as much lately, I will be better b/c I know everyone is dieing to know what I have to say! Have a great Wednesday, until next time....

PS Congrats Eric on graduating from Law School, you are a pretty professional adult!



WOW! The flowers look awesome and I love the cobblestone. You are really turning into Martha! The scar is almost invisible. You look awesome as well.

mamasteph said...

The flowers are beautiful! Obviously you aren't as cheap as I am, because if the cashier had told me $70, I would have said no thank you! :) Your sideburns don't look bad at all, and honestly I can't even see the scar! And those poodle boys sure are cute!
P.S. Yes, you should blog more! :)

shaunmiller said...

Flowers are great.

Go here and get Julie there. She'd love it I'm sure.


Biggie T said...

Way to go Martha - it looks great. I think it really spruces up the place and makes it look more like a home. Do you want to come out here and help us get our yard in shape? Put a little Miracle Grow in a watering can and water once a week and that will help them to grow better.

You can barely see your scar - the doctor did a good job. Glad to see you're healing so well and hope you're feeling better. Are you able to eat real food yet or still eating shakes?

The Bombic said...

The flowers do look fab! I love that planted columbines. :) I was laughing out loud at your story about the pricing and I got a funny look from my coworker. Oops! ;)

P.S. I can't even see your scar.