Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FYI - I live in the freaking hood

Listen You guys I think that half of the people I know have a birthday in August. Just to name a couple, MAMA AND STEPH. Listen, I bought you both fabulous presents. Steph... you already have yours. That fabulous purse your carrying around, yeah thats from me. We don't discuss the horrible purse it replaced. oops :) And Mama, yours is in the mail! If you put a comment about not sending anything, blah blah blah I will say a swear at you ... out of love...
So I am sitting here... bored. Jeff picked up a few hours a night at the half way house on Tuesday nights. The poodles and I are entertaining each other. And by that I mean they are each chewing on a toy and I am watching Friends. Listen, I am taking a break from the Olympics while I can. Jeff doesn't like anything else to be on while the Olympics are going. And I usually feel the same, but nothing that sparks my fancy has been on. Turns out equestrians and long distance marathons aren't really my bag.
I just bought this shirt on Monday on Target.com on their Clearance section fro 75% off :
What do you think? Pretty cute for only $5. It's seems like whenever I work down at Howe's I always shop online.
Hmmm..... what else.... My car got broken into. They somehow got my door unlocked and took a bunch of papers. CDs, and a punch of my stuff from my car was thrown around my card, and all over the street. I figure they were looking for like account numbers or something to steal my identity. Losers. Listen you guys, apparently at the mouth of the canyon is the new hood. Just saying, I now drive a lowered Aveo, drink from a paper bag and shop at Gen X. Perfect.
Well thats all I have to say. O o, one more thing, I am still reading Breaking Dawn, and it is VERY good. Shut up people, I am a slow reader!


browneyedgirl said...

Lol you are so funny! I love that shirt! Isn't online shopping the best!? Love you sister!

mamasteph said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for my new purse! I absolutely love it, and it is a gazillion times better than my old one! :) Sorry to hear about your car! We just don't seem to have much luck these days in that department! Love you sis!

M {3 said...

I just started reading so we can finish it about the same time<3 Cute top!