Thursday, August 14, 2008

Troy loves olympics and Phelps!

Troy says Hi and Hello. How cute is that.... I mean seriously, I am jealous of myself for owning him, damn! ( This is from their haircuts, I will get one of Scoot but he doesn't like to hold still)
So .... all I can say is I have Olympic fever! Phelps... Amazing. I mean seriously. He is incredible. They should of just handed all of the gold medals of him and kicked the rest of the guys in their speedo parts because thats pretty much whats happening.
Those Chinese girl gymnastics team is good... but whoever told those girls that they were 16 was pretty much lying through their teeth. I have clothes older then them ok. .... Ok not really but you get it.
I will be taking up beach volleyball. Because beach volleyball = kick ass body. Thanks.

I have been going back to the gym on a super regular basis, and am back to my pretty strict diet. I am pretty proud of myself, and better look like one of the Olsen twins by Christmas. Because right now I feel like 7 of them.

Hmmm.... What else.... Oh Christie had her baby on Sunday. Jackson Victor Chelaru. He is SO cute! He has Vic's squinty eyes haha. Its true. I will post a picture next time of him. Little Romanian baby face.

I must say I like that Jeff is now home at nights. I kinda like him. He is combing out Scoot right now (they just got a bath because Troy pee'd on Scoots head outside) and Scoot is crying his poodle eyes out. :( Don't feel to bad for him, I think he really is a girl with boy dangly parts. Just saying.... I am sure my Dad loved that last sentence. He probably is shaking his head right now. Love you Biggie!

I would like to give a shout out to my amazing parents. I think they are pretty much amazing and incredibly strong people! ... I mean they made me right... You guys I don't have an ego I just know I am fabulous. I am getting off topic.... I have the best parents I gal could ask for and I would do anything for them. This is a great picture of you guys, compliments of my wedding.
I wonder who reads this?... If I know you, and like you... feel free to drop a comment once in a while. Don't be a stranger, just curious of how actually reads my non-sense.
Have a great week and watch the Olympics or what I am calling Phelps - Fest 2008.


Janalu said...

Yes I am the first comment. Now shower me in prizes.

Shaun said...

I read this stuff. It's awesome-o.

Biggie T said...

Cute pic of Troy. I agree the Olympics are great to watch and think the US has some great athletes. You know me too well - I was shaking my head.:)

M {3 said...

If you look like an Olsen twin or even the 2 combined by Christmas I will have to force feed you! They however look like a 10 year old Chinese gymnast. With your face and great curves, well, you are amazing.<3 I laughed at the Biggie comment so hard, Oh Biggie;)
Tell Christie congrats.
Hope Jeff is enjoying that new job and nights free.

mamasteph said...

Sister, you are too funny! You know I read your you should blog more often! I hate checking and not seeing anything new! ;) I know you live a pretty exciting life, ok! I also have been enjoying the Olympics--wish we could be watching them together! Hooray on Jeff being home at nights, and you had better not look like one of the Olsen twins by Christmas or I will have to kick your butt! You are far too beautiful to even think about wanting to look like one of them! Love you!

browneyedgirl said...

Haha you always make me laugh! Your dangly part sentence had Lole confused at what I was laughing about ;) I'm proud of you for going back to the gym, but don't go getting too crazy ok!
ps. you know people love to stalk your blog ;) (that was for Michelle lol)

dazzlindollfacet said...

Heya! I love you so here I am reading what you have to say :)