Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I found a new hobby

I know I posted something like 48 seconds ago. But I was wrapping a present for a friend. I got her something little and the littlest bag I had was a fourth of July bag. So I found some wrapping HAPPY BIRTHDAY wrapping paper and cut out the words and taped it on there! ha! I am so resourceful! I found my self a new hobby... everyone can now except custom bags hahahaha
PS Katie, this is for you!!!! :)


Katie said...

Love it! Best wrapping job EVER!

M {3 said...

I love unique and way to go with the craftiness! *#$!@*&, I just want your love and for you to be happy with that awesome smile,for my B-Day! haha

Trey said...

ya nice bag.. but i just read all of your past blog posts because i haven't looked lately and i laughed out loud.. you are hilarious sis and i'm telling you, you and jessica need to have your own talk show.. it'd be the bizomb