Monday, January 21, 2008

I love couches

Jeff and I just bought a couch! (YYYYYEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!)
Here is the link to the new one, which will be delivered Saturday!

It's a cream color, very contemporary and super fance! I'm just saying people, I got it for a real good deal OK. Mom you have taught me well!! and it is even less today then last week when we went. Thanks Martin Luther King Jr. for having a holiday and making my couch sups cheap!... oh and for civil rights! DUH! O and if you know of anybody that wants a couch, we someone/somewhere for the old one to go! Keep your ears peeled !

As for this snow business, It's really pissing me off. Just sayin!

Oh and hello, Sundance is going on! Um hi, I really need to go up there and see some celebs like yesterday! I mean good ones, not like someone that was on a show 10 years ago with a needle problem! Thanks... Clay told me that he would call me if any celeb's have snowboarding lessons or if he See's anyone there! He is my celeb gossip outlet for these few weeks while Sundance is going on, which I'm real sure he appreciates!

As for our girls trip to Vegas, it's starting to give me ulcers! The weekend that we wanted to go is Easter! ................................ I'm giving up I think

Anywho... I'm bored and if one more old person calls into work asking for something and doesn't listen I am going to flip! IF YOU ARE CALLING TO ASK QUESTIONS BE PREPARED, SHUT UP YOUR OLD RAISIN MOUTH and LISTEN! Oooo Maybe I just flipped out!

I gotta go before this gets bad...
Happy Monday !


Janalu said...

That is a gorg couch. I love it, doesn't make it seem like real life when you buya big peice of furniture! Don't give up on Vegas. I'm just going to tell ou that me and Jess don't care about going over Easter. What better way to celebrate our savior then going to Vegas.


Is it the same couch we looked at when I was there? I love that it is so contemporary, and that you got an even better deal :) there is nothing quite like a really good deal!
I agree the winter has already been too long, and here in MN we probably have 4 more months! lol.

Bubba said...

Dude, sister. Like the couch, but about the celeb thing.. I am looking. My friend said she saw Jared Letto, or however it is spelled from 30 seconds to mars yesterday. But anyway, if you want to have a sundance experience, I am going to go see a couple films this week so let me know if you want to come with.

mamasteph said...

Katch, your blogs always make me laugh! Love the couch--I'm totally jealous! If you want to get away from winter, I guess you just need to come and visit us! :) You should take Clay up on his offer and go see some Sundance films! I always wanted to when we lived there, but somehow I never got around to it!

Jessica said...

I think you might have goosed it!! I lurve that couch and I can't wait to settled my fa'tass into it. Looks comfy ! Listen, I am totally available to go to Sundance, any day, like really, any day. Right now even. I'm puttin my boots on!

Biggie T said...

Nice couch - can't wait to see it in your place. Vegas is overrated.