Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well, It's official I have made an appointment with an oral surgeon to see if and/or what type of surgery I will need.
Listen, I am 100% thrilled about this if you can't tell. Because nothing in the world sounds more fun then surgery on my face! BUT I will admit I instantly judge people with yucky, missing and dis-figured teeth. Think what you will, maybe I am a bitch, stuck-up...whatever, you do it to. So needless to say if this jaw problem messes up my "beautiful teeth" (that's what my dentist says, so thanks mom and dad!)... I will be Real Real pissed.
***********Deep breathe************

Sorry for the rant, I am super frustrated about this. On a lighter note, I have a feeling that 2008 is going to be the year of the Spears... I can't get enough of those train wrecks! With people like that floating about, you can't help but feeling better about your life.
That's it BYE! Happy Thursday !



It would take a quack big time to screw up that amazing face! I just want you out of pain. Keep smiling that beautiful(a tad expensive lol) smile.

mamasteph said...

I agree with mom! Nothing could screw up your beautiful face! So no worries! And I agree, a little drama in other people's lives, sure makes me feel better sometimes! How mean am I?!

Janalu said...

Looks like somebody better stock up on slimfast and Wendy's frosties. That is a sucky thing to have to go though, unless you love frosties like me. Jess will bring you the bendy straws I'm sure.