Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Up in the gym.. just workin on my fitness

In 2008 I have vowed to get back to working out 3 days a week... Listen I can do it ok. After this holiday I have some serious muffin top business.
Also, in 2008 I will get back to my old self, fun make up, wild style and fun hair. I have turned into one boring old broad.

As for my reflection on 2007, I have come to the following conclusions :
- Don't sweat the small stuff . . . it's just not worth it damn it!
-You can't choose your extended family . . . there are some extended family members that I can do with out. DRAMA! How can you be a good person, parent, relative if you're so consumed with other people's business.
- My mom and sisters are the most important women in my life. AND have taught me so many things this year. . . *Mom - her strength and love
*Steph - her attitude and positive perspective on everything
*Patty - her sense for adventure and killer sense of humor
*Mary Rose - her strength & friendship in the past year has blown me away
- If you set your mind to something, you can do almost anything

I am excited for the memories that await me in 2008! As a gift to myself I am getting a tattoo of a sparrow (which represents being free of something) holding a red rose(for Jeff and I), a white daisy (for my mom), a blue gerber daisy (for Steph), and orange tulip (for Patty) and a pink lily (for Mary Rose). The flowers that the sparrow will have in its mouth represent the people in my life that have helped me through this last year... with out them, I would be lost. So thanks.

Ok I am done now! Happy New Years !


browneyedgirl said...

You are such an amazing sister. Your post made me cry! I'm such a sap... I think your tattoo is going to look amazing! You should send in your story and have Kat Von Dee do it ;) (is that how it's spelled?
PS. I love your reflections!

Cellen said...

I think your new tattoo is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see it. I hope your get all that you want in 2008!

Bubba said...

You make me smile sister. :) You rock. But there isn't anything wrong with a little muffin top, as you can tell by the great cereal, muffin tops can be good too! But the tat does sound pretty rad.

The Bombic said...

Thank you so much for letting us stay with you over Christmas and for making us feel so comfortable and welcome. You are such an awesome chippie. And as far as lessons go - this past year you have shown me how being yourself can be done without apology, with flair and with beauty. Love you sister!

mamasteph said...

You are truly amazing! I'm so glad we could be together for the holidays. And you must know that you are an inspiration to all of us also. You have an awesome work ethic, you are gorgeous, you speak your mind and you don't let others walk all over you and so much more. I love you forever sis! And I just have to say ditto on number 2 of what you learned this past year! Sheesh!

SKye said...

I ditto #2 too. Some people... Sheesh. Some people take a comment left with the BEST intentions, and THINK that it is something more than what it REALLY is. But whatever, who needs THOSE people in your life. Just ignore them. (and maybe they won't go away)