Thursday, February 14, 2008

I like to have conversations with hearts



Listen, if you bitter about Valentines... quit it. I made another stinkin' cake last night! Seriously y'all... I am out of control with cooking... it's pretty good ok. It is a white cake, with white frosting with pink spinkles . Made it for work because you know Jeff wont eat that sh*t.

Well, let's see. So far I hate 2008 but it's cool. I decided this year I am going to try and stay positive instead of being a Debbie Downer. Don't worry... I will still be funny and sarcastic because let's be honest I am pretty damn funny.

On a lighter note, went to Chili's the other night and got their Molten Chocolate Crack Guy Cake which I am obessed with. Seriously people I am additcted and need to be admitted into the crazy ward. I say the crazy ward because I think it's the new rehab. Ya gotta stay hip, so if the next time you see me and I am wearing a straight jacket, you will know I am trying to stay with the times. For real Brittney, Delta burke, that guy with 200 kids from Grey's, it's legit read dlisted.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I need surgery. My jaw hurts real real bad. The surgeon said it wasn't good to hit myself in the face to make it go back. Who knew right? My cartilage that is in between my skull and TMJ (jaw joint) on the left side is 100% out of place and the where the cartilage was suppose to be is chuck full of fluid. Nice right, not done... My cartilage on my right side is somewhere to 10-20% out of place but since my left side is pretty much dying of pain the right side pain takes a back seat. And my teeth are orange. I am nervous I am turning in to down home 100% white trash. Orange teeth, what the HELL!!!

Ok now I am going to say something nice, so pay attention.... Steph and Christie both find out what they are having this next week!! YEAH for girls I love having babies! I thought I was because I have been sick, but good news you guys I am just fat and sick! YESSSSS

I miss my nieces! *tear* They are growing up too fast!

PS Mom thanks for my V-day shirt I am wearing it and lets be honest it looks Real good!


mamasteph said...

Oh Katch, we miss you too! You can come and visit ANYTIME! I'm impressed that you have finally realized your talent in the kitchen! And I'm sorry you have to have surgery! But I know you will feel immensely better when the pain isn't there! Love you sis!


I'm so glad you are wearing your new shirt, but I know you make anything you wear look good! I wish I was there to have a bit of your cake. Baking can be a great stress releaser. Happy VDay and I<3U tons.

Bubba said...

I miss your deserts! Thats all I am going to think about for two years is the half baked cookie with ice-cream and hot fudge!

Janalu said...

I'm going to get baby Jesus a shirt that says "I'm with stupid".