Monday, February 4, 2008

Why you shouldn't bet...

Why you shouldn't bet . . .

Reason # 1 : Naked Snow angels in several feet of snow

Reason #2 : Frost bite... enough said

Clay and Jeff made a bet about the score of the game last night and Jeff lost HAHAHA... This is why you shouldn't bet... but I will say it was pretty funny !

Ok I made my salsa last night... no bueno in the magic bullet, it was puried and brown! Oops.... and I added to much salt! What a freakin' waste. Grrr! Needless to say... Not my best salsa!

Superbowl was fun... we had a TON of food, and I think it was a belt notcher... WHEN'S DESSERT!??!!
Also good news, we got another about 1-2 feet of snow yesterday.. awesome.

Clay met Ben Stiller and his wife Saturday,
I'm real pissed about it.
Speaking of Clay he just stopped by to say Good-bye so as of 9:20am Utah Time, he is on the road. Drive safe Bubba!


mamasteph said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun without us! :) Kidding! The salsa is a funny color, but hopefully it still tasted good! I love that Jeff actually followed through on the bet! No way would I have done that!


I love that you kept the Super Bowl Fun alive! Great pics...about betting, well the pictures say it all;) You make such great salsa so whats one oops. Bubba's on his way home, wow it will seem so strange not being able to give him a real hug for 2 years.

Biggie T said...

What a shocker. I left Marshall after halftime and lost radio coverage after the Pats went ahead and assumed they had won. Way to go Jeff - looks cold! We can't wait to see Bubba for the next few weeks.

browneyedgirl said...

That was so funny! Way better than watching the two of them do pushups throughout the game! I'm pretty sure since Sunday, my diet has pretty much consisted of, uh, chips lol