Friday, February 15, 2008

Your pretty good looking but I am pretty much married to Chuck Norris

I was tagged by a friend and thought it would be fun to do today answer these questions for you and your spouse/significant other)

1. Your Song: Amazed by Lonestar - walked down the isle at our wedding to it

2. Your favorite feature of his: his eyes and his smile - lets be honest he has a killer smile

3. His favorite feature of yours: Hello, its me, so everything

4. What drives you crazy about him (not the good stuff): His shirt that says COLLEGE, I don't know why but I HATE IT !

5. What drives him crazy about you: I am to hard on myself, who knew right because I am pretty great

6. Favorite trip you've taken together: We have alot, probably Hawaii or Mexico. PALM TREES!

7. How do you picture your lives in fifty years: Being part of a motorcycle gang, living in warmth somewhere with 10 poodles, I'll have long white hair and he will still look like Chuck Norris.

8. What was your last fight over: I Prefer not to go there.......

9. Most romantic thing he's ever said to or done for you: Hmmmmmm, believe it or not he is always saying sweet things to me so it is hard to narrow down something specific, so recently I would have to say, he hid a card for me in my laundry and I didn't find it for days.

10. Favorite "down time" activity: Playing with the Pooooooodle boys or having our date night (pizza Runner and an on demand movie)

**Bonus** post some of your favorite pictures together

I tag : Jessica, Jana, and Mama



Great answers, I must say I don't remember seeing the college shirt.
I love the pics. And you both have great smiles! :)

mamasteph said...

Aww, you guys are so cute!

Jessica said...

Shut up ! I have that same College shirt ! They are so sexy ! Mine is white with green lettering. You can borrow mine if you ever want to go to a Sadie Hawkins!

Janalu said...

I hate those shirts too, maybe because I just don't get it. Matt has one that says "trust me I'm a lawyer". ugh like people even believe that.