Monday, February 11, 2008

We Love dog shows thanks

The boys and I watched the AKC/Eukaneba Dog show this weekend... it was really enjoyable... stop judging me. I like Dog shows and Britney spears ok, get the hell over it !

We following are each of our favorites :
Mine was the Bicheon Frise because it looks like a cotton ball

Scoot's favorite was the Whippet... he like's their long legs! That's what he wants to be when he grows up...

Troy like the Shar pei aka the wrinkle pup... he wants to get old and have wrinkles just like it!
And last but not least, Jeff likes the French Bulldog... it looks like a pig minus the hoofs.
I will say the people that walk/run their dogs in the shows are big time L O S E R S ! Geeky dress suits and slick back old lady pony tails. Gross. The women looked alot like Rick - if you don't know what that means, then sorry...

B T W, I have another surgeon appointment tomorrow at 9am... wish me luck



What, no black labs. Of course that is a dream dog because I don't want to have to give one that much attention. In that way most of the time Sully works well, he understands me;) Hope there is helpful news tomorrow.

mamasteph said...

Hahaha! Katch you are too funny! I love that you actually watched the dog show! And I totally know what you mean about the trainers! Good luck at your appointment! Definately let me know how it goes!

The Bombic said...

That makes me want to watch 'Best of Show'! I heard a lady making those same comments about the outfits on the radio yesterday, so you're not alone on that. And congrats to the Beagle. I have to admit, he is one cute pooch. (Don't tell Harper I said that.)